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Lorenzo Copp Family Page

The following is shared by June Copp Maxwell:

Lorenzo Copp married Eliza Marvin in 1831 in Covington, PA. They remained in Covington until 1855, then moved west, first locting in Denmark, Iowa. Seven years later they moved to Saunders County, Nebraska.

They had the following children:

John T. Copp born 1833, Tioga County, PA

Warren M. Copp born 1836, Tioga County, PA

Ann V. Copp born 1836, Tioga County, PA

Curtis Marvin. Copp born 1838, Tioga County, PA

Henry Harrison Copp born 1840, Tioga County, PA

Charles S. Copp born 1842, Tioga County PA

Milton D. Copp born 1845, Tioga County, PA

Marilla E. Copp born 1846 in Tioga County, PA

Calvin L. Copp born 1848, Tioga County, PA

Allen Bennett Willis Copp born 1850, Tioga County, PA

Elsie Catherine Copp born 1852, Tioga County, PA

Marion Mayfield Copp born 1854, Tioga County, PA


John T. Copp married Esther Comfort Newell from Canada in 1860. He died in 1896, buried in Fulton Cemetery in Elmira, NY. They had the following children:

Dora Ellen born  December 4, 1863 Covington, PA

Frankie Curtis born  June 30, 1867 Denmark, Iowa (1st trip west between 1863-1867) Died August 3, 1868 Denmark, Iowa

Charles (Charlie) F. Copp born May 8, 1862  Covington, PA (returned East between 1868-69)

Minnie E. born August 31, 1870 Saunders, Nebraska (2nd trip west 1860-70

Walter Henry born  may 16, 1874 in Wahoo, (York Co.) Nebraska in a sod hut

Mary Eliza born January 26? in Covington, PA (returned east after 1874)

Johnny M.  born  March 24, 1881 Covington, PA died March 19 ? (died young)

Ray born  April 7, 1882 Convington, PA

Reportedly, John brought his family through Iowa, Nebraska and back to New York in a covered wagon. In 1862 Congress passed the Homestead Act, granting 160 acres of free land to settlers, which included Nebraska. However, from 1875-1877 grasshoppers swarmed Nebraska and ruined the crops, forcing homesteaders to move back east. Int he 1890's, the family moved to Miller St. in Elmira, NY. Minnie and Mary Eliza are said to have died one week apart in a scarlet fever epedemic.

John was a ventriloquist. he had one sister Ann who was a spiritualist; 7 borhtes who fought in the Civil War. John's wife was a midwife. In her later years, she lived with Michael and Adell Murray. She told him stories of their covered wagon trips from Pennsylvania to Iowa and Nebraska. He said they were more exciting than the Little House on the Prairie books. The pages of John and  Esther copp's family Bible list birthdates and birthplaces for each of their children as listed above, giving a chronology of thier journeys west.

Charles S. Copp married Susan Jane Marshall. She reportedly was a native American princess, but this was never proven. She later left her husband. The following children were born:

Ethel Copp born 1889. She married Lee Rogers

Mabel Copp born 1891. She married Russell, Archie Woodward (2nd)

Doris Copp

Earl M. Copp married Anna Soper

Earl Copp was in the airforce in World War I. He later worked for Endicott Johnson Corporation for over twenty five years. He enjoyed playing the piano and singing old songs. He died at 48 years of age of a heart attack (while riding a bus).



Anna Copp worked very hard to bring up the children. She worked for IBM from 1944 to 1970. She also built houses, worked in sales and bought and sold real estate. She died in 1989 at 87 years of age, after severe strokes.


Richard Treat born 1922

Phyllis Copp born 1925

Earl M. Copp born 1928

Janette Copp born 1931

Jane E. Copp born 1931

Charles Copp born 1933

Patricia Copp born 1939

Glen Copp born 1941

Warren M. Copp born August 3, 1835 and died April 11. 1857

Anna Vernetta

Born: September 27, 1836 PA,  

She died February 28, 1904

She married (George Baldwin) in 1850

Children: Charles M, 1838  PA Mary, Jennie,

Nettie Adelle  


Orange Matlock Scott

their children

Vernetta Scott, Mabel E. Scott, Lucy Scott

Litta May Scott

married William Ralph Kent

and their children

Gordon Ralph Kent who married Betty Ronsick

Bonnie Mae Kent

Billie Joan Kent who married Gerald Cassell Wiedman

Doris Elaine Kent  married Grover Harry Fox

Children: Duncan Scott Fox

Douglas Scott Kent

Curtis Marvin Copp

Born in 1838 in Tioga County, PA. and died February 26, 1906 Los Angeles, CA. He enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, July 14, 1861, in the First Iowa Cavalry, Company C, and was discharged on the 15th of February, 1866 and was in seventy-two engagements, He served during the Civil War, as a Sargeant. After he was mustered out he married Harriet Blackington in Denmark, Iowa, March 23, 1863. Harriet was born 1849 in Iowa. She died in 1887.  They settled in Quincy, Illinois and there with  his brother, Charles, started a grocery business. Curtis M. Copp, studied law, and they lived in a sod house for a couple of years. They then moved to Wahoo, Nebraska, in 1871 and located about three miles north of the present village of Wahoo,where he started a nursery, and in 1875 started to read law with his brother, C.S. Copp where he was admitted to the bar before Judge Post, in 1878 and commenced to practice at Wahoo.  Curtis Marvin also served as mayor in 1886.

 While living in Qunicy, Illinois, two girls were born. Luella Sanford, May 12, 1869, married Roy Mayne, no children. Grace Greenwood, born March 19, 1871, married James Stratton, two sons, William Warren and Horace.

Curtis and Harriet along with their two little girls Luella and Grace moved to Nebraska in a covered wagon. They took up a homestead near where Ord, Nebraska is now. There the third child, Curtis Sherman was born, March 24, 1873.

Four possibly Five children were born in Wahoo, Nebraska,

Warren Reese Copp born August 26, 1875 married Daisy Serviss, two children Ruth and Roy.

Ruth Blackington Copp  born November 6, 1878 graduated in 1900 from the Academy in Denmark Iowa and married Philip Shanahan, in 1912. One child Curtis Marvin. The other two children did not survive infancy.

Curtis Sherman Copp, the third child maried Elizabeth Cummings in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1904, three children, Sanford, Alice and Rolland were born.

Curtis Marvin Copp was at one time the Mayor Wahoo, Nebraska. he became legal council for the Union Pacific Railroad and traveled extensively. Harriet passed away in Wahoo, Nebraska, December 5, 1887. Curtis Marvin Copp remaried in 1890 to Francis Wilson. They removed to Deadwood, South Dakota where he practiced law. Later they moved to Chicago, Illinois. He died in Los Angeles, California, February 1906.

The family burial ground is in Wahoo, Nebraska. Curtis M. Copp however is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA in the GAR section. Curtis, Elizabeth Copp and Gracey Airey are buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, California. Grace Airey was cremated at her request.

********Luella Copp, professionally known as Gloria Mayne, has taught voice in Los Angeles, since around 1905. She studied music in Italy, living in Florence about 3 years.

 ******Grace Greenwood Copp born  about 1871 in Quincy, IL and died in 1949 in California.

Dr. Grace Stratton Airey, one of the most prominent representatives of osteopathy in this section of the west, was born in Quincy, IL, a daughter of Captain C.M. Copp, who served with the First Iowa Cavalry during the Civil war. At a subsequent period he removed to Saunders county, Nebraska, and his poistion was as a leader in the temperance movement of that section of the state was indicated in the fact that he became the first prohibition mayor of Wahoo, the county seat of Saunders county. He contributed much to the development of that section, his aid and influence being always on the side of right, progress and improvement. He organized there a company of the Nebraska State Militia and served as its captain for many years. Captain Copp was one of the best know lawyers in that part of Nebraska, where he successfully practiced his profession for many years.

His daughter, Grace Stratton Airey, was educated in the schools of her home town and first took up the study of osteopathy in the American School of Osteopathy at Kirlsville, Missouri, from which she was graduated with the class of 1904. During the year following her graduation she was in Omaha, Nebraka, but had two sisters who were living in Salt Lake and persuaded her to open an office in this city, where she arrived in June 1905. From the beginning she enjoyed a fair measure of success which has constantly grown in volume and importance until she is today recognized as one of the most able members of her profession in the capital city. Her high profression standing is indicated inthe fact that she has twice been elected president of the State Osteopathic Association and is the legislative member for the national association. She has done everything in her power to advance the high standards of the profession and her marked ability is attested in the extensive practice now accorded her. Dr. Airey is the wife of Howard W. Airey of Salt Lake City, UT, general agent fo rthe North-western Mutal Fire Insurance Company. By a former marriage she is the mother of two sons whom she was extremely proud of:

Children: Warren W. Stratton was born at Wahoo, Nebraska January 19, 1892 and graduated from West High School of Salt Lake City and later entered teh University of Utha, from which institution he received the degree of A. B. in 1913. He won a Rhodes Scholarship and was pursuing his studies at Oxford when he was one of the American students who volunteered for service under Hoover in Belgium. He served fro some time on the commission tha thad charge of feeding the city of Antwerp. Subsequently he enlisted as a private with the Marines.

and Horace Blackinton Stratton born in Wahoo, Nebraska, may 23, 1895 and at the breaking out fo the war was in business in Ogden. He had a force of men in his employ at the time, but without any attempt to secure exemption he let his employees go, clothes his place of business and entered th service of his country. He was station at Camp Lewis, Washington, at the time the armistice was signed.

Dr. Airey is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and also of the Monday Night Club of Salt Lake City. She is a woman of broad culture and liberal education who has constantly added to her knowledge by broad reading, investigation and study. Her prominence as a leader in public thought and action is indicated in the fact that she has twice been called upon to represent her district in the lower house of the state legistlature. She was elected in 1917 on the progressive ticket and in 1919 on the democratic ticket. She is the author of several bills pertaining to the betterment of conditions of women and her aid and influence are constantly given along the line of welfare and social service work. She is most highly esteemed and respected wherever known and her social like her professional position is in the front rank.

Grace Married Howard W. Airey (1)

Grace also married James W. Stratton about 1892 wtih whom she had the afore mentioned children. Warren William Stratton and Horace Blackington Stratton.

Horace Blackinton Stratton born may 23, 1895 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska. He died October 7, 1969 in Riverside, CA.

He was proprietor of the Ogden Welding and Repair Company, conducting business at 2274 Washington Avenue in Ogden. His father was the late James W. Stratton, a doctor of osteopathy, who at the time of his death was a resident of Wenatchee, Washington.  The mother bore the maiden name of Grace Copp and following the death of Mr. Stratton she became the wife of Howard W. Airey, a resident of Salt Lake, Utah. She is now a member of the state legislature serving for the second term as a representative in the general assembly and is one of the most prominent and distinguished women of Utah, well known as also in national and political circles. She was born in Nebraska and is a representative of one of the old pioneer families of that state her father having been an attorney at law of Nebraska and a Civil War veteran. Mrs. Airey has made a most close and discriminating study of the vital political and public problems of the age, is a clear thinker and logical reasoner and has had considerable influence in shaping public action in this state. She became the mother of two sons, Horace  and william Warrent Stratton. The latter is an attorney by profession, practicing in Salt Lake City. During the recent great European awr he served with the Unted States Marines, whose recored of bravery adds another notable page to the history of the marie service of America.

Horace B. Stratton pursued his early education int he public schools of Salt Lake and afterward attended Jacob Tome Institute at Port Deposit, Maryland, for a year, doing prepartory work in mathematics. Subsequently he spent one year in Zurmat, Switzerland, and then devoted some time to pleasure and sightseeing after completeting his studies in the east. In March, 1916, he came to Ogden, Utah and established his present business, beginning with a captial of but sixty-five dollars. Today, the plant with the machinery and fixtures is worth ten thousand dollars, being the best and most fully equipped plant of the kind in the state. Employment is given to from five to twelve men the firm does all kinds of welding and repair work, its volume of business having reached extensive proportions.

On June 27, 1917 Horace B. Stratton was married to Miss Nellie June Ambler who was born in Ogden, a daughter of Samuel and Kate Ambler, long residents of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Stratton make their home at No. 2428 Monroe Street. In politics he maintains an independent course, supporting men and measures rather than party. Fraternally he is connected with the Knights of The Maccabees. He has but recently returned from military duty. for six months and received his training at Camp Lewis, Washington. On December 10, 1918 he was honorably discharged with the rank of corporal.

Mr. Stratton is a most progressive man, actuated by a laudable ambition in his business affairs, and what he has already accomplished argues well for the future. Within a comparetively short space of time he has built up a business to extensive proportions an dis today a prominent representative of industrial activity in his adoped city.

Horace and Nellie had the following children:

Howard Lee Stratton born 1925 in Los Angeles, CA.

He died in 1999 and was buried in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, CA

Donna Rae Stratton born about 1929 in Los Angeles, CA

Warren Reese Copp  born August 26, 1875 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska and died April 1970 in Logan, Harrison, Iowa and was buried in Ellison Cemetery, Harrison, Iowa.

Married Daisy M. Serviss on January 19, 1897 in Harrison County, Iowa. Daisy was born on June 11, 1875 in Logan, Harrison  County, Iowa. She died on march 27, 1960 in Logan, Harrison County, Iowa and was buried in Ellison Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa.


Roy E. Copp born 1900 in Iowa and died in 1955

Roy married Pearl Anna Peterson. Pearl was born November 30, 1906 in Iowa. She died April 9, 1999 in Mondamin, Harrison, Iowa.

They had the following children:

Wanda Copp married Unknown Arndt

Joyce Copp married Unknown Small

Diane Copp married Unknown Skelton

Lois Jean Copp born December 9, 1926 in Portsmith, Shelby County, Iowa.

Lois married (1) Malcom Ryan Patterson on May 27, 1950 in Uplands, CA

Malcolm was born on April 24, 1927 in Batsprings, TN.

Loise and Malcolm had the following children

Living Patterson married to Living Hopper

they had the following children

Living Hopper

Living Patterson married to Living Lammers

Lois also married (2) Joe Withem

They had the following children:

Living Withem

Lois also remarried (3) Malcolm Ryan Patterson on May 27, 1950 in Uplands, CA

Donna J. Copp born June 1928

Donna married Unknown (1) Gochenour

She also married (2) Unknown Gochenour

 Ruth Copp was born in 1905 in Iowa.

Ruth married Lloyd E. Martin in 1924. Lloyd was born in 1902 in Iowa.

They had the following child:

Marion Virgene Martin born June 1926

Marion married Robert Lundergard


Ruth Blackinton Copp  born November 6, 1878 and died October 23, 1958

Married Philip Spencer Shanahan

Philip was born about 1876 in California. He died about 1929 in California.

Children Curtis M. Shanahan born about 1914 in Los Angeles, CA 

George H. Copp  born May 26, 1882 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska.

Arthur B. Copp born May 29, 1884 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska.


Curtis Sherman Copp born on March 24, 1873 in Nebraska.

He died on April 7, 1946 in Santa Clara, California

Married Elizabeth Cummings about 1904 in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Elizabeth was born about 1879 in Illinois


Sanford L. Copp, born about 1905 in Illinois. He died about 1951 in Riverside, CA.

 Alice H Copp married Frazer

 Roland R. Copp born about 1916 in Illinois. He died in 1994 in Carson City, Nevada.


George  H. Copp  born 1882


Arthur B. Copp  born 1884




Henry Harrison Copp born August 2, 1840 in Covington, Tioga, Pennsylvania. Married Sybel Elmetta Jewel on November 2, 1875. Sybel born 1857.

Their children were:

Charles S. Copp born in PA. married Lizzie Fetherson born 1863

Alva Delancy Copp born December 12, 1874.

Mabel Claire Copp born 1878 PA. She was married in 1896 to Holly Omar Baker born 1870 and died 1954. Children of Mabel and Holly are:

1 Living Baker Child

Floyd S. Baker born 1900 in NE

Doran Marion Bkaer born October 14, 1910 in Brewster, NE he married a White. Doran died Dec. 29, 1982

There are 4 living Baker children.

Henry "Hal" Harrison Copp born 1887 in Nebraska. He married Hazel Mason. They lived together in Brewster, Blaine, Co., NE. According to the 1910 census he carried mail. Hazel died in Lumby, British Columbia, Canada


There's a legend told in Blaine County Nebraska where the family moved to during the summer of 1884. When Alva Delancy was just a  young boy.

It is told that when Henry Harrison came with his family to claim a parcel of public domain.  Blaine County is one of the sandhill region group that was known as Indian hunting ground when the first white man explored it's river valleys according to Thurman A. Smith in a passage of Who's Who in Nebraska, 1940. He goes on to tell there were big game in abundance and doubless it was a favorite resort. This is evidenced by Indian bone and stone implements as well as by arrow points and fragmnets of pottery which have been found. Even as late at the present, collectors make numerous and valuable finds on wind eroded fields.

It's told that as Chief Smoke maker lay dying, a score of his braves stood about on the hill overlooking the North loup river, flowing and glowing in a bold southward curve. In an encounter with government surveryors on Spring Creek miles down the North Loup valley he had been wounded. With skill that belied their haste they had constructed a travois from ash poles cut in the canyon. Tenderly had they placed their stricken chief upon the conveyance and taken the up-river trail.

Outwardly indifferent to the burning pain of the bullet-wound through his chest, Chief Smoke Maker endured the agony aggravated by the jolting. Through the long night they had traveled toward where the sun, blood-red, had dropped below the sandhills. Without resting they had urged their tough mustangs on, even after the sun arose in the misty east.

At last they halted. Chief Smoke Maker was failing rapidly. Even as their medicine man began the incantations of his magic formula, death came. In accordance with their burial custom, they cut cotton wood and willow along the river and erected a scaffold on the low hill overlooking the stream. The cief, wrapped in his blanket and buffalo robe and with all his brilliant trappings of beaded buckskin and eagle feathers, was laid to rest on the scaffold. Later they would return an gather the remaining bones to depost in the ossiary of their tribesmen.

Briefly they discussed leaving the large silver medal their chief always wore suspended by a thong about his neck. The Great White Father at Washington had given the medal to his father, aslo a chief, as a special maark of respect and peaceful intention--a treaty the white man never kep for long. Custom prevailed and they did not remove the priceless medal from the lifeless chest of their beloved chieftain.

So on that parcel of public domain that Henry and his family would claim adjoining the hill where the scaffold had been erected, Copp's son, Alvah Delancy, with his exploring tendancies, one day came upon the grinning skull of the Indian chief. Investigation disclosed the burned off posts in the soil, great quantitites of beads and the tarnished medal. He polished the silver on his boot leg until it glittered as, brightly as when cast sixty-seven years before.

This medal was about two inches in diameter and bore on the obverse a replica of the bust of President, James Monroe, trucation HURSTF. Legend: "James Monroe, President of the U.S. A. D. 1817." Reverse: Two hands clasped,  on cuff of one three stripes and as many buttons. The other hand (Indian's) with bare wrist. Above where crossed peacepipe and tomahawk; legend: "Peace and Friendship." After more than half a century Mr. Copp retains and treasures the medal. However, he does not vouch for the truth of the tradition of Chief Smoke Maker.

Alva became a rancher in York County. He married Esther Jane Johnston (1871-1955) on December 25, 1900. Children of Alva and Esther were:

Nettie Claire Copp born Feberuary 25, 1903 married David P. Farquhar She died July 9, 1992.

Alma Rose Copp born March 15, 1905 in Nebraska she married Roy Clayton Spencer (1897-1955) on December 27, 1925 in Taylor, NE. She died March 27, 2003 in Brewster, Blaine Co. NE There are 4 living Spencer children.

Harry Copp born June 11, 1906 in Nebraska. He died in San Diego, CA Janurary 27, 1992

William Howard Copp born June 27, 1908 and died January 1981 in Ainsworth, Nebraska. He married Zelma Marie Warwick born 1912 and died 1996. Their children are Gail Lynn Copp who died in Superior, Wisconsin. Gail was married to Lynette Drain/Tadevich. Their children are: Marie Copp

Flora M. Copp born  June 10, 1910 in Nebraska. She died June 1989 in San Diego, CA. She married Mr. John Johnson

Curtis Milton Copp born May 12, 1912 and he died October 1984 in Comstock, Nebraska. He married Avis.

Alva Delancy Copp born May 30, 1914 and died November 9, 2001 in Eugene, Oregon. He married Clara.

Esther Jane Copp born about 1917 in Nebraska and died in Rapid City, South Dakota May 6, 1977.  She died of uterine cancer that also plague three of the four sisters.  She married Mr. Clifford Szarkowski.

Children of Esther Jane Copp and Clifford Szarkowski are:

Clifford Daniel Szarkowski who has two children

Michael Alan Szarkowski, Rapid City, SD

Judy Szarkowski Tabb, Andover, ME

Sharon Szarkowski Green who has two children Charity Jane Denke Keierleber and Marvin Robin Denke. She is a Clinical Supervisor with Southern Hills Alcohol and Durg Referral Center.

Charity has three children Jake Keierleber who is in his last year of Aeronautics and Airport Management

Natasha Keierleber who is in her last year of obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Archeology with the intent of working for the Bureau of Land Management for at least the next two years.

Mark Keierleber who is in his first year at Powell Junior College majoring in journalism.

Marvin Robin Denke has one son Morgan Denke who is a freshman in highschool this year 2009 in Witchita, KS


Charles S. Copp born Feburary 25, 1842 and died December 12, 1884 in Wahoo, Saunders Co. Nebraska. He married Marietta "Etta" Morgan on march 14, 1866. Marietta was born 1848. Charles in buried in Sunrise Cemetery, Wahoo, NE

Copp, Charles S.

The Independent
Wahoo, NE
Thursday, December 18, 1884
Page 2, col. 6

Copp In this village on Friday, December 12, 1884 Charles S. Copp, Esq., attorney at law, aged 42 years.
     Mr. Copp was born in Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He was the fifth son of L. D. and Eliza Copp. He came west with his parents in 1856, and settled with them in Lee county, Iowa. At the breaking out of the war he enlisted in Bissells regiment of Engineers and served with it some more than two years. In 1866, he married Miss Etta Morgan at Mendoe, Illinois. And in 1868 he came to this county where he has mostly resided since. He was a member of John A. Andrew Post No. __ G. A. R., of this town and his comrades of the post escorted his remains to their last resting place in the east cemetery. The funeral was attended on Saturday last from the Baptist church, Rev. H. W. Powel officiating the members of the bar of Wahoo, acting as pallbearers.


                                           THE TIME OF THE CIVIL WAR

   At the time of the opening of the Civil war in 1861 Saunders County was very sparsely settled. Even in 1866, five years later, there was only a voting population of ninety-five. It is possible that some men went from the territory included in Saunders County to other places and there entered regiments being formed. However, the names of these men are not available at the present time. Notwithstanding the fact that they are on the records, they are credited in most cases to the town in which they enlisted for service. After the conflict had closed and the weary soldiers had scattered once more over the face of the country, many of the veterans came to settle in Saunders County, many of them becoming prosperous here and leading dignified and worthy lives. Many of these men have died here and are buried in the various cemeteries of the county. In the North Cemetery may be found the following soldiers of the Rebellion: R. F. Webster, Theodore Steen, James Murray, Charles P. Kenyon, James Sharkey, Daniel Howell, Joseph Manners, Alfred P. Haynes. In the East Cemetery at Wahoo are the following: Isaac Soule, Charles S. Copp, James R. Thompson, Samuel Geary, William M. Dailey, John W. Stopher, Stephen O. Crawford, J. Henry Miller, William J. Gibbs, Philander P. Church, Dayton Andrus, James Morrison, George Lemaster, Lorenzo Barnell, Aaron Crouch, Joseph S. Collins, Mason L. Ellsworth, Clinton D. Hughes, Nelson P. Baker, James W. Pruyn, Charles Thayer, Peter Marsh, Horace Farnsworth, Peter Lake, Samuel S. Parks, Charles Starr, John H. Blue, Douglas B. Phelps, Howell G. Adell, Lee Payne, a young United States soldier. In the East Cemetery are also buried two Confederate soldiers, John H.




Submitted by: Alice Graham, Ashland. NE

Court Dockets from the 1871-1872 official handwritten county court proceedings of both civil and criminal held in the courthouse at Ashland, NE. In 1871-1872 Ashland was the county seat of Saunders County. Wahoo became county seat in 1874 after the records of the county were stolen during the night in December 1873 and transported to Wahoo in a wagon pulled by a team of horses.

Silas A NICHOLS, A MARBLE, or M A BENNETT served as Justice of the Peace. J G WHITLOCK and L B RENO were sheriffs. H JOHNSON was a deputy sheriff. Attorneys who served the court were A MARBLE, Abe FULLER, J A ROBERTS, T B WILSON, R C THOMPSON, and L N ATKENS.

The following were either jurists, witnesses, defendants or plaintiffs. All appeared in court during the year.

Robert ADAMS



Thomas ADAMS





















From Wahoo Historical Accounts  The corner-stone of the court house was laid in 1873, and it was completed in 1874. The jail was built in 1877, by Messrs. M. B. Reese, J. R. Gilkerson, N. H. Bell, G. I. Wright, Henry Sonberger, C. S. Johnson, C. S. Copp.

Milton D. Copp Born September 25,  1845, PA Census shows he was a nurseryman.

 Married Marietta, she was born about 1848 in Iowa.


Archie B. Copp born about  1888 in Colorado

Mildred Copp 1892 Married Louis M Bovee

Daughter: Vivian Bovee 1912

Martha E. Copp 1846 PA

 Calvin L.Copp  born July 23, 1848 PA

 married Elizabeth Roblyer in Taylor Loup, Nebraska

She was born about 1851 in Sullivan, Tioga, PA. She died on September 21, 1872. 

Son: Stephen D. Copp born January 8, 1874 in Nebraska

Stephen married Ester M. Ester was born July 1878 in Iowa.

Children: Lugene Estus Copp born march 13, 1898

Ora M. Copp born April 1899

Roy Copp born about 1905 Newton, Loup, Nebraska

Lee J. Copp born about 1907 in Newton, Loup, Nebraska

Lee married Avis Jean Austin.

Roy Copp born about 1879  in Nebraska

Roy married Julia who was born about 1866 in Wisconsin.

Children: Rea Copp born about 1908, Nebraska


Marilla E. Copp born 1846. Census shows on Oct. 1, 1850 at age 4 she was living with Uncle Harrison Copp and family in Tioga, PA.

Calvin L. Copp born July 23, 1848 in PA. He married Elizabeth Roblyer born 1850. Children:

Carl I. Copp born 1875

Allen  Bennett Willis  Copp  born March 16, 1850  Wellsborough, Tioga, PA died September 25, 1939, Logan  County, Iowa

 moved to  Chillicothe, Missouri Married Anna Elizabeth Negley. Anna was born on May 26, 1860 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa. She died on February 27, 1888 in Holyoke, Phillips, Colorado.

Children  Curtis Bennett Copp born July 8, 1887 in Pillips, Holyoke, CO. He died on December 11, 1926 in Denver, CO

Curtis married Bessie Mary Ludi duaghter of Nelson James Ludi in

1917 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska.

Nettie D. Copp born April 29, 1882 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska.

She died on may 16, 1962 in Los Angeles, CA

Jessie Alma Copp was born August 22, 1883 in Nebraska 

and died November 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, CA.

Jessie married Albert Gustafson on February 5, 1902 in Nebraska.

Albert was born about 1878 and died about 1964


Roy Gustafson born June 7, 1903 in Nebraska

Roy married (1) Lucille Brown he also married (2) Genevieve Kane about 1931

Irvin Gustafson born March 29, 1905 in nebraska. he dided on march 18, 1972 in California.

Irvin married Almeda Ferrell about 1926. Almeda was born about 1907.

Richard Gustafson born April 19, 1910, Nebraska

Richard married Fern Berry about 1928. Fern was born about 1907

She died about 1932.

James Gustafson born February 28, 1917 in Nebraska.

James married Maxine Argo about 1938

Willis Copp also married Lucy Broka. Lucy died on August 26, 1905. They had the following children:

Gladys Copp born October 14, 1897 in Pilot Mount, Iowa. She died Feburay 13, 1967 in Omaha, Douglas Nebraksa. She married Oscar Jon Nelson

Ruth Helena Copp born April 7, 1900 in Pilot Mound, Iowa.

She died on Feburary 2, 1992 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

Ruth married William Berry Brayton. William was born on Feburay 28, 1898 in Logan County, Iowa. He died on December 13, 1974, Omaha, Doublas, Nebraska.

 Elsie C. Copp (Ella)  born February 11, 1852 Tioga, PA. She died May 30, 1933 Jefferson, IA. She married Frank Willis Down born 1849 and died 1926. Children of Elsie and Frank are:

Nellie Irene Dow born 1870 and died 1946. Nellie married Gale Mills born 1871 and died 1944. Children of Nellie and Gale are:

Eva Mills born July 14, 1891, Logan, IA

Harry Mills born December 13, 1892 and died July 12, 1914

Leona Mills born July 26, 1896

Leslie Mills born August 8, 1898

Ada Mills born May 6, 1903

Morrell Mills born January 17, 1906

Donald Mills born June 29, 1910 and died Feburay 14, 1910

Frank William Dow born March 4, 1872 in Wahoo, NE and died May 22, 1927. He married Florence Eliza Servis born 1876 and died 1955. Children of Frank and Florence are:

Valeria Dow born March 6, 1895 and died August 12, 1895

Elzina Elsie Dow born June 7, 1898 in Logan, Harrison Co., IA. She married Harry Willis Longman on December 31, 1917 their childeren are:

4 living Longman children

Willis Bourdon Longman born February 21, 1921 and died November 1982 in Oceanside, CA. He was married to Viola Whitaker born 1925 and died 1992

Thele Lafola Dow born February 2, 1899, Logan, IA and died Feburary 22, 1985 in Ft. Worth, TX. She married Earl Ancil Cross on June 26, 1917. He was born 1894 and died 1966.

Children of Thele and Earl are: 3 Living Cross children  and Roger William Cross born January 28, 1928 in NE and died July 21, 1993 in Ft. Worth, TX

Evelyn Dow born December 13, 1900 and married Miller

Wyman Dow  born October 20, 1901 and died September 30, 1907 Logan, IA

Bertrand C. Dow born February 22, 1874 in Wahoo, NE and died December 22, 1880

Milton Henry Dow born October 19, 1876 in Wahoo, NE and died Oct. 23, 1954. He married Pearl M. Martin born 1886. Their children are:

2 Living Dow Children and Verald O. Dow born 1908 IA

Wyman Dow born November 1879 in IA

Cecil Eric Dow born April 30, 1882 in IA. Died November 19, 1932 in Jefferson, IA He married Hilda Nelson.

Leola Grace Dow  born August 27, 1889 and married Fred Cook on March 12, 1910

Leslie Warren Dow  born May 23, 1896 in IA and died April 14, 1922. He served in WWI, Iowa CL 328 Infantry, 82nd Division. He's buried in Bethel Cemetery

Lyle Dow born 1897 and died April 14, 1922. He is buried in Bethel Cemetery.


Marion Mayfield Copp born October 10, 1854  Tioga, PA

Marion married Jacob Roblyer on January 10, 1872. Jacob was born on January 19, 1846 in Covington, Tioga, PA. He died on April 23, 1914 in Loup, Nebraska.

Their children are:

Marion Elizabeth Roblyer born November 1, 1872 in Wahoom Saunders, Nebraska. She died on November 27, 1937 in Sargent, Custer, Nebraska.

Marion married William Helmkamp on September 11, 1896

Lorenzo Down Roblyer was born June 28, 1874 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska. He died in Taylor, Loup, Nebraska. Lorenzo married Ella M. Abbott on Feburay 9, 1890

Etta Maude Roblyer was born April 11, 1876 in Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska. She died on July 2, 1959 in Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska. Etta married John Vinnedge on May 16, 1900.

Jacob H. Roblyer was born on June 1, 1878 in Bradshaw, Nebraska. He died on December 2, 1962 in Noulton, Loup Nebraska. Jacob married Pearl Moninger on December 21, 1904.

Raymond W. Roblyer was born March 27, 1882 in Almeria, Loup, Nebraska. He died on January 9, 1919 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. Raymond married Hallie Edna Barnes on march 4, 1904. He also married Myrtle Niles on January 4, 1913.

Clifford Rex Roblyer was born September 14, 1885 in Taylor, Loup, Nebraska. He died on February 27, 1950 in Taylor, Loup, Nebraska. Clifford married Eleanor Dell Fay on September 21, 1906.

Leslie Ivan Roblyer was born September 29, 1891 in Almeria, Loup, Nebraska. He died on January 9, 1964 in Burwell, Nebraska. Leslie married Fannie Moon on July 1, 1914.