Reuniting Families of Yesteryear For Tomorrow

Richard Copp born 1801 in Rhode Island is the third son of

John Copp and Sarah Clemens. He died after 1880 in

Wisconsin according to the 1880 census.

Richard married Eliza White about 1824 in Tioga, Pennsylvania.

She was born 1803 in Connecticut. She also died after 1880 in Wisconsin.

Richard and Eliza had the following children:

1. a female Copp b. between 1820-1825, Tioga, PA


2. Sarah Marie Copp b. Feb. 5, 1829 d. Jan. 28, 1919

Buried in Copp Cemetery, Anson, Chippewa Co., WI

She married Daniel Shaw Douglas on May 26, 1849 in Covington, Tioga, PA.

Daniel was born July 12, 1829 Chittendon Co., VT. he d. Oct. 7, 1903

in Anson, Chippewa, WI. He is also buried in Copp Cemetery, Anson, WI

Land records showed that Daniel purchased 120 acres in 1858. 1861

 tax records show $4.88 for 130 acres. Daniel joined the Union Army

on August 2, 1862 and was with Co. K, 30th WI Reg. Discharged on

September 20, 1865, he was a Sgt.

Received a pension later due to physical disabilities

received while serving in the war. Sarah's widow pension

in 1903 was $8.00 a month. During the war, Sarah took care

of the farm and the children.

A family story tells of her popping corn to amuse the Indians

who came by and was also known to smoke a clay pipe.

In later years, Daniel served several terms as the chairman

of the Town Board of Supervisors for Anson. Both Daniel and

Sarah were respected by their fellow townspeople.

He died of a paralyzing stroke for one week. Sarah died of old age. 


Children of Sarah and Daniel are:

Edward O. Douglas 

 b. January 12, 1852 Covington, Tioga, PA,  

m. Lilliam Shirtliff

Children: Daniel Shaw Douglas b. Feb. 19, 1888 Wabasha Falls, Minnesota.

He died in Portland Oregon he married Josephine Nonearl Anderson

b. Dec. 2, 1900 in Asoria OR. She d. 1950 Portland, OR

Mary A. Douglas b. October 15, 1853 Covinton, Tioga, PA

Martha A. Douglas b. January 10, 1858 Anson, Chippewa Co. WI

Richard Daniel Douglas b. July 25, 1861 Anson, Chippewa Co., WI

Eliza S. Douglas b. November 28, 1866 Anson, Chippewa Co., WI

David George Douglas b. October 8, 1869 Anson, Chippewa Co., WI



3. William B. Copp born 1828  in Covingthon, Tioga, PA and

married Lucy Wilber, born 1837 and the daughter of 

Joseph Wilber and Nancy Fletcher. 

William enlisted in Army 1863 and discharged 1865. Rank: Private


Eugene S. Copp married Mary Louise Hengstler  born Illinois

on September 1, 1873 and died November 7, 1953 in Ladysmith,

Ward 1, Rusk, Wisconsin. he was born Sept. 1859 in Pennsylvania

 and died 1925. Marriage ended in divorce



1.Harry Louis Copp born May 10, 1890 Bruce, Rusk, Wisconsin

 and died June 7, 1973 in Minocqua, Wisconsin Census shows

1900 he lived in Flambeau, WI, 1910 Ladysmith, Rusk, WI 

September 1911 he married Ethel Mae Wolfe b. September 10, 1896

 Ladysmith, WI and died June 13, 1894 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.

1917 Harry (registered for the draft.)

Children of Harry and Ethel Mae:


1. Bessie Elizabeth Copp b. June 11, 1912 Ladysmith, Rusk WI

d. June 13, 1969 E. St. Louis, St. Clair, IL

On June 6, 1936 she married Claude Irwin Lotshaw

b. August 24, 1911 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN,

d. March 13, 1968, St. Louis, MO

Their children: 

 Robert Irwin Lotshaw b. 12 May, 1942

 John Michael Lotshaw b. 14 Apr, 1947

 Wanda Jean Lotshaw, b. 27 Apr 1937 

 Euna Mae (Foster) Davis b. March 7, 1926 and died April 26, 1999 St. Louis, MO

 (Euna Mae was a foster daughter that my mother raised from age 11. 

 She is not a direct relation.  She married Melvin McCord first and had four children,

 3 sons and 1 daughter, then she married Oscar Ray Leezy and had one son

Oscar Ray Leezy III and then she married Ralph J. Loveless, no children. 

Ozzie committed suicide before his son was born.)


2. Ruth Evelyn Copp born March 22, 1915 St. Pau,l Ramsey, MN

 d. April 22, 2006 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN

She married Alfred John Finchman Pomroy June 20, 1942

Central Presbyterian Church, St. Paul Ramsey, MN.

He was born August 19, 1915 MN

d. Jan. 17, 2002 McAllen, Hildago, TX


Cheryl Jean Pomroy b. 25 Sep 1946 

Linda Marlene Pomroy b. 08 May 1951.

Ruth Charlene Pomroy b. Mar. 22, 1945 St. Paul, MN

 died of breast cancer on March 9, 2007 Maplewood, MN

She married Sorenson May 13, 1967

divorced Sorenson Jan. 1980


1 Living son

1 living daughter

1 Living daughter married to a Living Whiting

1 living son

1 living son married to a Living Casperson  

their children:

 2 living daughters 

 1 living son

Married June 4, 1983 to a (Richard Wayne) Berry

Residence was in 2007 2535 Sumac Circle,

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

She was a LPN. Charlene as she

was known underwent renewed

chemotherapy at age 59. She took

early retirement & died at age 61 shortly

before her 62nd birthday.


More of Eugene & Mary Copp's children


2. Robert William Copp (Bob) born August 10, 1892 or 1893

 and died 1972 in Wisonsin married a Grace R. b. 1896 Minnesota


1 living Copp daughter

Robert J. Copp b. May 22, 1922 Wisconsin,

d. September 1980 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Kenneth W. Copp b. July 4, 1931 d. April 14, 2002

Sun City, Maricopa, AZ married a Living Copp


3. Leonard Eugene or S. Copp b. August 7, 1894

Flambeau, Chippewa, WI d. 1971 Milwaukee, WI

 married Lola Nealson b 1901.

1910 they lived in Ladysmith, WI, 1917 he was drafted,

 1918 Camp Hancock, GA, 1920 Ladysmith, WI and 1930 Oshkosh, WI.


4. William Paul (Bill) Copp b. March 13, 1897 Grant, Flambeau,

Chippewa, WI, d. May 23, 1975 Winnebago, WI.

Shows he married a Lillian Wiese . In 1910 lived in Ladysmith, WI

and 1918 he was drafted. 


Juanita Copp b. 1930 d. May 27, 2005 at Parkview Health Care.

According to family there was no visitation, private family services took place.

She is buried in Peace Lutheran Cemetery.


5. Arthur D. Copp b. April 29, 1899 Ladysmith, WI and d. 1899 Wisconsin


6. Robert Copp 


7. Hazel Mae Copp b. May 1, 1900 Ladysmith, WI

and d. July 14, 1998 Johnston, Pok, Iowa. She married

Oscar John Sunne on june 25, 1924 in Waukesha, WI.

Oscar was  b. June 12, 1899 Barron County, WI

 d. Jan. 3, 1987 Eu Claire, Eua Claire, WI


Living Sunne daughter who married a Living Anderson


1 living Anderson daughter

2 living Anderson sons

Donald B. Sunne b. May 26, 1927 Waukesha, WI

d. August 5, 2005 Mason City, Worth, Iowa

Donald married May 28, 1949 to a living Irvine


Living Sunne son wife Julie

Living Sunne daughter and husband Roger Ouverson

Living Sunne daughter and husband Dennis Lee

Living Sunne daughter and husband Olson


Lindsey Olson

Living Olson daughter

Maria Olson husband Rod Iedema

Matt Olson

Marilyn Sunne b. May 8, 1934 d. May 8, 1988

Eau Claire, Eau Clair, WI married Olen

Children :

1 living Olen daughter


8. Earl Edward Copp b. Jan. 4, 1907 Wisconsin d.

Oct. 1982 Oshkosh, W. Married Ann L. Kolterjahn

b. Sept. 12, 1907 and d. April 28, 2001 Oshkosh, WI.

They married on April 22, 1930


Living Copp daughter

Thomas Copp b. June 8, 1940 d. August 18, 2003

married Kay (Casey)


Cameron Copp 

Craig Copp


9. Helen Marie Copp b. May 16, 1909 Bruce, Rusk, WI

d. July 14, 1965 Marshfield, Wood, WI

married Erling Iverson divorced Erlin Iverson 1946


Gloria Iverson daughter married Michael


Son, Terry Michael

Daughter, Lynn Michael born 1951 and died December 1986 married Rick Kriebel,


David Kriebel

Leah Kriebel (Maren)

Helen also married William Charles Buchholz

May 10, 1949. B. Jan. 23, 1915 d. Feb. 24, 1992


Belle Rene Buchholz b. August 27, 1953

Ladysmith, WI d. November 1972 Ladysmith, WI

married Living Harris


9. Lyle David (Bud) Copp b. 1913 Ladysmith, WI d. 1967

1946 he marrried a Living Strandt-Estabrook


Living Copp daughter m. Klentz

Living Copp son m. Living Copp wife


2 living Copp sons

Lyle served US. Navy WW II Baker First Class


Note from Bud Copp’s record:

Lyle David Copp thought his name was Russell Glenn Copp until he went into the Navy

and they told him the name on his birth certificate was Lyle David.

Note from Gloria Iverson Michael:

The doctor put Lyle David on Bud's birth certificate. That doctor changed the

name Grandma gave him & also my mom's name (Helen Marie Copp) from what

Grandma gave him. So the last 2 children ended up with different names on their

birth certificates & "Bud" or Russell Glenn didn't find it out until he went in the navy.

 That may have been when Mom checked hers...that part I don't know.


Note from Dave Copp:

Harry and my dad, Bud Copp, were business partners in a Service Station in

 Ladysmith when he returned from WWII; probably in 1946.  Neither the

 partnership nor the business was successful. My father returned to the

 Ladysmith Bakery (a job he hated his whole life) and worked there until he died at the age of 52.


Other children of Richard and Eliza


4. Rhodanny Copp born about 1833 in Covington, Tioga, PA


5. Mary Jane Copp born February 1840 and died 1923 in Chippewa WI

and is buried in Copp Cemetery, Anson, WI

She married first Stephen Smith McCann on April 15, 1855

 in Eagle Point, Chippewa, WI. He was born March 23, 1889 in

Badger Mills, Chippewa, WI. he died Oct. 14, 1908 in Bloomer, Chippewa, WI.


Roxanna McCann b. June 28, 1856 d. before 1869 in Chippewa, WI

Mary Adalaide McCann b. April 14, 1862 d. Sept. 21, 1922.

She married William Dimmick b. 1861 PA


Maude Dimmick b. August 28, 1876 Chippewa, WI d. Feb. 13,1919

George R. Dimmick b. abt. 1879 Chippewa, WI

Dimmick daughter b. Auguust 1884 Chippewa, WI

John Dimmick b. Aug. 1886 WI

Jennie Dimmick b. Nov. 19, 1898 Chippewa, WI

Barbara and George McCann b. after 1857 and d. before 1869


Stephen married again to Johanna Helen Regen

at Chippewa City, WI. Sept. 26, 1868 Children:

Stephen Jordan Smith b. Dec. 9, 1870 Chippewa City, WI

Barbar Theresa b. April 8, 1873 Anson Township, Chippewa Co, WI

Rachel W. B. February 14, 1875

Martha Ann Clarrina b. Nov. 5, 1879

Helen Angelina b. Feb. 24, 1881

Arthur Johnson b. Feb. 22, 1883 d. July 16, 1886

Helen b. march 12, 1877 d. jan. 22. 1878


6. John Copp born about 1844 Covington, Tioga, PA



If you are a member of Richard Copp's family of Wisconsin please

email me your information and any photos you may have so we may

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