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In Memory of

Patricia A. Copp


Mom You Will Always Be With Us

In Memory of

Raymond Copp

1927- 2011

You will be greatly missed 

In Memory of 

Webster Copp

Who Passed December 27, 2010

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Our most sincere condolences to his family including his wife


In Loving Memory of

Merle I. Copp


Loving Husband, Devoted

Father, Grandfather,  Great Grandfather

Brother and Uncle



Tribute to my Dad
I want everyone to know how much I loved this man, what he did for
me and my life and what he meant to me but I cannot find the right
 words. So I will tell you a very special story of the day that Dad
passed away and my son Liam were born. They now share a special
bond in which I never could have anticipated.

On January 14th I got out of bed after a sleepless night. Still pregnant,
 4 days overdue and something just didn't seem right. Yet I still went
about my morning routine, made my coffee and the phone rang at
7:15am. Along came that bad feeling again. Knowing that the
phone call on the other end was something I didn't want to hear.
I knew who it was before I even answered. It was my Mother
telling my that Dad had gone to heaven. He was not in pain
anymore and he was at peace. I was relieved, devastated,
heartbroken and confused. For I had a child inside of me
who felt everything I did and I was about to grieve like I
never had before. I cried in my husband Doug's arms and
shook like a leaf, inside and out. I now had to face life and
 parenthood without my Dad's guidance and advice which
was terrifying to me.
Later that morning, I had an appointment to see my
midwife to decide whether to move forward with the
 pregnancy and let it happen naturally or to schedule
 a time to be induced. I was so confused. Doug and
I scurried to get our day started and the phone rang
again. At this moment, I knew that my Dad was already
helping me and watching out for me. The phone call was
my midwife. She apologized for calling me so early but
she talked about her dream she had of me last night and
 how she couldn't stop worrying about me. She asked if
 I was okay, and I of course broke out in tears and told
her of my Father's passing. We cried together and then
she surprised me with a question. "Do you want to have
 this baby today?" she asked. There it was. The decision
 presented before me as easy as that. I said yes, we got
dressed, packed the car and went to the hospital.
Childbirth is something you can never be fully prepared
for let alone with the grief I now carried with me for
losing my Dad that very same day. My midwife
always told me, when labor comes, "Leave your
mind at home." On that day my mind was easily
left behind, but my heart showed up tired and heavy.
 I knew I needed to get through the birth of my child
as level-headed and focused as possible. It was as if
my Father were telling me to concentrate and everything
 will be okay. I used everything I had learned for natural
 childbirth and tried to keep my wits about me. My
amazing husband and support system were at my side
 through the entire day which helped me from losing my grip.
I was induced at 11am and advanced into labor throughout
the day. Every now and then I felt at ease knowing Dad
was at peace and that what we had talked about for months
 now was finally happening. As my labor advanced and my
 contractions became closer together, Liam's heart rate
would drop which caused concern, so we prepared for a
possible c-section. As disappointed as I was to begin a
c-section, I was also relieved, was in good hands, and
somehow knew everything would be okay. Before I knew it,
 I was in the operating room and my husband was holding
my hand. The surgeon asked me if I wanted my son to be
born on the same day as my Father had passed and I began
 to cry and uttered something like "Let's do this.", not knowing
 what the time was. I then felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort,
 peace and happiness. I couldn't help but smile and I felt my
Father watching over me/us. He was there for the birth of my
son in the following minutes. He came to be with us and to
comfort me when I needed it most. Then Liam was born. I
asked my husband what time it was and he said "One minute
 before midnight." My heart exploded knowing that my Father
 and Liam were meant to share that day. I believe their spirits
passed and they know one another. Dad wanted to be a part of
 Liam's life and so he will be. I love you Dad. I love you like I
 love the sunshine. Your baby daughter, Missy


Memorial Donations in Merle's Name can be made to:

Hildebrandt Hospice Center

2652 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, NY 14626-4209

or the Lions Club of Churchville

PO Box 364

Churchville, NY 14428-0364

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