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Check out Send Out Cards. It's an on line greeting card company unlike any other you will ever see. Visit our webstore and see what it's all about. It's as easy as 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

It's an opportunity that has changed my life financially, I can help you build a future with Send Out Cards. Just viist the store and see for yourself!

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Looking for artwork for you your home or business, Ivy Stevns is a long time friend that is now offering her works for sale. I wish her the very best and hope the Copp Family will check out her artistry on line.

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What Do We Say When We Say "I Do?" "-This book is really uplifting-IT MKES ME FEEL GOOD"-that's what I hear. Patty Copp, Author

Get your copy of this wonderfully poignant book about marriage, weddings, lvoe and what it all means...

Books are available by contacting Patty directy & at many fine retailers. For a full list of vendors visit:



Patty and Webster Copp, Mystic, CT When placing an order be sure to mention Karen Phillips referred you!

Check with Dawn for the best spice, party mixes and dips! And don't forget to order the bountiful bread mix! It's great with chili on those cold days!

Here's a new link that Rick Copp sent in. It's a new jet just launched. Be sure to turn up your volume on this link!

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COUPONS  You will never pay full price again for anything! If you have Triple A make sure that you ask wherever you shop if they accept that as a discount. I was at Payless and didn't know I automatically could save 15%! Here are some new coupon sites listed in red.



It's literally like Christmas every day here. I have received free cat food, free dog food and treats, makeup, facial soap, razors, medicine and more! I'll keep adding these as I get them.



Have you ever wondered how companies can improve their products and customer service? They hire it out! Become a mystery shopper if you are looking for something fun to do and get paid for it.

Start with and register. It's $4.95 to get started. If you want to upgrade to get more opportunities it will pay off.

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For a complete list of mystery shops of over 200 please send a self addressed stamped envelope and I'll mail you the list.