Reuniting Families of Yesteryear For Tomorrow

James Copp 

Born in Rhode Island 1796 -1860  Died at Age 64 in  Covington, Tioga, PA

James married 1835 Arminta (Amanda) Robbins born about  1800 in Pennsylvania. 

Children of James and Arminta Copp were:

 Ann Venette.  born 1836

 Harriet  born 1838

 Laura born 1839

 Olive  born 1841

 Jane  born 1843

 Diana M.  born 1845

 David L.  born April 16, 1847 

 Esther born 1848 died 1928

 James  born 1850

 Martha born 1851 

 David L Copp was born April 16, 1847 in Covington , Tioga, PA was buried in Wellsboro Cemetery,
 Tioga, Co., PA

 David married Sabrina A. born January 25, 1845. She died August 19, 1901 and is also buried in Wellsboro Cemetery.

Their children were:

James Copp born 1869 Covinton, Tioga, PA

A. R. Copp born 1873, Tioga, PA

Mary Copp born 1876, Tioga, PA

Harry W. Copp born 1876 Tioga, PA

Elmer D. Copp born 1888, Tioga, PA

*** David also married Mary Isabell, mary was born 1855 in PA

Diana M. Copp married S.A.

Children of Diana and S.A. are:

 James born 1870

 A.R. born 1873 

 Mary born 1876

 Esther Copp  born 1848 married James Ling. He was born in England. They lived in the Cogan House where they were married. 


Amy Ling born April 5, 1872. She married William Tallman Hane. He was born 1868. They lived in Williamsport, PA. Later moved to Covington, PA.


Purley Hane born in 1898 married Mary Gertrude Whipple born 1901. They lived in Williamsport, PA and later moved to Covington, PA.


Seany Hane born 1922 died in 2013. She married Arthur Starks born 1917 died in 2001.


Carolyn Starks born 1943 married K. Vincert Swartz born 1938. 


Michael J. Swartz born 1971

James Copp born 1850, married Martha Husted March 17, 1871

Children of James and Martha were:

Orlando Copp  born February 1874

Asa Dodge Copp  born 1877 (Feb. 28) Entered military Sept. 11, 1918 WWI

Sanford Copp March 11, 1879 married Martha Douglass born January 15, 1877 Sanford died July 14, 1959 and Martha died July 31, 1945. Both are buried in Bowen Cemetery, Tioga, PA

Children of Sanford and Martha were:

Clarence Raymond Copp born and died in 1905

Lawrence Aaron Copp born 1906 and died 1971 married Ethel Elnora Hagar

Children of Lawrence and Ethel were:

 Lawrence Milton Copp

Lawrence married Lorena Leonard born February 18, 1938 in Tioga, PA

the daughter of John and Mazie (Evarts) Lenoard

She died June 11, 2007, Wellsboro, PA

Lawrence and Lorena's children are:

James Eugene  married to Sheryl (Bocaleri) Copp

Robert Allan Copp of Mansfield, PA

Susan Rae Copp who married Gary Woodruff Hilfiger of Mansfield, PA

Missy nee Copp who married William Stebbins of Killeen , TX daughter, Renee Simone and Emily Rochelle

Tammi Marie Copp Eddy of Aakron, PA

Viki Lynn Copp who married Donald Johns of Mansfield, PA

Norma Copp married  (Fred Ling)

George Copp (Rita)

Eleanor Copp (Walter Lee)

Leona Margaret Copp born  1907 and died in 1991

Lorena Copp born in 1910 and died in 1911

Linden William Copp born  Nov. 13, 1911 Died August 20, 1995 Last Known Address

(Cherry Flats Rd. Wellsoboro, PA) Linden married Olive Millicent  Spencer on December 6, 1934. She was born in Bradford County, PA. Olive died January 28, 1958.

Their children are:

Martha Millicent Copp born August 17, 1936 married Stuart Frank Copp on February 21, 1955. Stuart Frank Copp was born March 9, 1932 and died August 30, 1980.

 Their children are:

Stuart Michael Copp and Debra Lynn Copp both born and died 1956

Stephen Douglass Copp born 1957 and married Leslie Bates,

 Their children are:

Kendra Copp and Sandra Copp. They reside in Woodland Park, Colorado

Cindy L. Copp married Denis Wilcox and their child is:

Miranda Wilcox.

Linden William Copp born and died 1940

Ansel Burr Copp born 1942 and died in 1954

Bradley James Copp born 1946

Asa and Ada Copp Twins no birth date available

Aaron G. Copp born October 31, 1920-Died May 5, 1994 WW II Veteran

Enlisted October 26, 1942, Wilkes Barre, PA at age of 22 Private and was enlisted for duration of the war. He completed 1 year of college and was small craft operator.

Buried in Bowen Cemetery Charleston Twp, Mansfield

Last Known Address Johnson Hill Rd., Wellsboro, PA

Lewis Copp born March 1881 and died December 16, 1949 Roseville, PA

Stephen A. Copp forn March 2, 1883 resided in Charleston, PA

Herbert Copp born April 1885 died in 1970 in Columbia Cross Roads, PA. He resided in Corning, NY. He married Sarah Elsie Whipple born 1897 died 1970.

 Jay Copp born 1888 resided in Williamsport, PA

Raymond Copp  born Nov. 16, 1890 Wife Ressie lived in Williamsport, PA

Minnie Copp born 1893. She married Alfred Haas resding in Ft. Wayne, Indiana