Reuniting Families of Yesteryear For Tomorrow

In Their Honor &

Memory We Salute Our

 Copp Family Members

 For Their Bravery...

Revolutionary War:

Ebenezer Copp, Battle of Trenton

Tristram Copp-New Hampshire State Militia-Barnstead Company.

George Washington Copp Quartermaster Sgt.  Boston Light Infantry (The Tigers)

Captain John Copp CT Line

Lt. Samuel Copp

Sgt. David Copp– Lexington Alarm in Capt. Ephraim’s Company of Lillingly minute men.

William Copp-Marine on the  Oliver Cromwell Ship.

Civil War:

Ebenezer Copp, Aaron O’Douglas, Alonzo Copp, LaFayette Copp, Reuben Copp,

Henry Harrison Copp below, this memorial flag is on display at the American Legion

Brewster, Nebraska

 World War I:

Curtis Sherman Copp, Morgan Co., Illinois 1917-1918

 Curtis Bennet Copp, Harrison Co., IA 1917-1918 (Willis B., Lorenzo, John)

Warren Reese Copp,  Harrison Co., IA 1917-1918 (Curtis M., Lorenzo, John)

Roy Edward Copp,  Harrson Co., IA 1917-1918 (Warren Reese, Curtis M., Lorenzo, John)

Earl Copp, Broome Co., NY 6/5/1907

Fred Copp, Tioga Co., PA 9/12/1918

Glen Burdette Copp, 9/12/1918

Herbert Clarence Copp, Tioga Co, PA9/12/1918

Lewis Copp, Rutland, Tioga Co., PA 9/12/1918

Lewis Reuben Copp, Mansfield, PA 6/5/1918

Raymond Copp, Mansfield, PA 6/5/1918

Sanford Copp, Mansfield, PA 6/12/1919

Stephen Ashley Copp, Mansfield, PA 6/12/1918

Sterry O. Copp, Wellsboro, PA 6/5/1918

Walter Carsen Copp, Mansfield, PA 6/12/1918

William Sumner Copp, Nelson, PA 6/5/1917

Burt Copp, Covington, PA 6/5/1917

Otto Evering Copp, Covington, PA 6/5/1917

William Henry Theodore Copp, Clinton, IA

Fred Copp, Fayette, IA

Roy Vinton Copp,  Glidden Carroll, Iowa 1917-1918 (David P., Michael Wiggins, Moses, Tristam, Jonathan, Aaron, Jonathan, William)

Albert Merton Copp, Glidden Carroll, Iowa 1917-1918 (David P., Michael Wiggins, Moses, Tristam, Jonathan, Aaron, Jonathan, William)

Elmer Azro Copp, Jackson, IA

Daniel Elwood Copp, Davenport Scott Co., IA

Frank Copp, Eagle Grove, IA

William Copp, Eagle Wright, IA

Alva Delancy Copp, Brewster Blaine, NE

John Franklin Copp, Omaha, NE

Carl L. Copp, Taylor Loup, NE

Lugene Estus Copp,. Taylor Loup, NE

Steven Copp, D. Copp, Taylor Loup, NE

Samuel Copp, Binghamton, Broome Co., NY 9/17/1918

Walter Henry Copp, Endicott, Broome, NY 9/12/1918

Roy Orwell Copp, December 1918

Clyde Grant Copp, Corning, NY 6/5/1907

Leon Herold Copp, Corning, NY 9/12/1918

Stephen Edward Copp, Corning, NY 6/5/1917

William LaFayette Copp, Corning, NY 9/12/1918

Harry Louis Copp, Rusk, Wisconsin 6/5/1917

Leonard Copp, Ladysmith, Rusk, Wisconsin 6/5/1917

William P. Copp, Rusk, WI 6/5/1918

Harold Brink

Otto Evering Copp

Walton Copp, Covington, PA

World War II:

Franklin H. Copp, Corning, NY 7-13-1942 Battle of the Bulge

Donald Copp, Elmira, NY 1942 Paratrooper, Battle of the Bulge

 Raymond Copp, 

Frederick P. Copp, 

 Linden William Copp,

Aaron George Copp,

George Albert Copp,

Donald Terwilliger

Calvin Burrows-Died in Normandy June 13, 1944.

Harold Brink,

Harry Copp, Tioga, PA 1942

Lewis Copp,

Raymond Copp, 1944-1945 U.S. Army

Samford Copp, Wellsoboro, PA 1942

Stephen Ashley Copp Tioga, PA 1942

Gary Dean Copp

Gail Copp

Harry Copp, his memorial flag is on display at the American Legion, Brewster, NE

Other Enlistees Serving Before and During Korean War

Arnold Copp U.S. Army 1945-46

Byron J. Copp, Sr., Elmira, NY US Navy

1st Lt. Carlton Russell Copp U.S. Marines, Cpt. Marine Reserves

pictured with son, Carlton Copp II

Lawrence Milton Copp 1958-1960

Merle Copp U.S. Army, Clerk Typist in the Army Intelligence Security Unit

Edward Mason

 Richard C. Copp, Sr., US Navy


Stuart Frank Copp 1952-54


Lynn Edward Symes

Gerald Dean Copp, US Army

Gail Copp US Navy


Other Enlistees Serving After the Vietnam War

Richard Copp, Jr.

Harold Copp U.S. Army Military Police 1973-1986

Stephen Douglas Copp 1977-1980

Daniel E. Copp 1977-1998 U.S. Army Active and Reserves Duty, Retired

Master Sgt.

Harlan Copp 1978

James Copp USMC Reserves Corporal 1984-1996


Desert Storm I

Byron Copp, Jr. U.S. Air Force JCSE Master Sgt. 1982-1995

Daniel E. Copp U.S. Army Reserves 1981-1991

Charles Copp U.S. Marines

Carlton Copp III US Air Force, Commander of Communications Unit

and his father Carlton Copp

Dennis Copp U.S. Navy

Bob West U.S. Air Force

Desert Storm II:

Shaun Chandler

Luke Holden

Zachery Holden 


If you do not see your family member listed here please be sure to forward us their information so that we may add it to the list on the website.

It is important they we remember their dedication to protecting our freedom.