Reuniting Families of Yesteryear For Tomorrow

Harrison Copp

Harrison Copp this is a work in progress

Born about 1824, Harrison was a farmer in Tioga County, Pennslvania. Helping clear

 more than 100 acres that his father purchased nearly 200 hundred years ago.

As I started this search to find my family's roots I never imagined the history

 I would uncover and the distant relatives that would find their way back to

 Cherry Flats; French Mills or Covington, PA via a modern means, ie the internet.

Harrison Copp Farm Today 2008

Harrison Copp married Louisa Booth born 1831and together they had Orrin L. 

Copp and  Frederick P. Copp. Harrison died in 1909 and is buried in

Gray Cemetery. Louisa died in 1895.

Orrin Copp born 1850 married Alice A. Everetts born June 23/25 1852 on

Feburary 25, 1871. Orrin and Alice would have Frank born in  March 14, 1872,

 Clinton born 1876, Minnie born 1876, Mabel born 1880 and Frederick born March 21, 1877.

  Orin died April 11, 1909 and is buried in Gray Cemetery. Alice died

November 11, 1932 and is also buried in Gray Cemetery, Tioga Co., PA. 

Frank Copp would marry Mildred B. Starkweather born March 20, 1877

 on March 23, 1894. Frank and Mildred would have

Stuart Eugene Copp born August 14, 1904. Stuart would marry Eleanor Esther Buss

born July 3, 1905 on Decmeber 23, 1926/27. Frank died September 17, 1974 at age 102.

He is buried in Shumway Hill Cemetery, Tioga, PA. Mildred died November 14, 1936.

Stuart Eugene Copp died October 30, 1978 and is buried in Shumway Hill Cemetery, Tioga, PA.

Their son Stuart Frank Copp was born March 9, 1932 in Wellsboro, PA and would

 marry on February 21, 1955, Martha Millicent Copp. Martha was born August 17, 1936

 in Westfield, PA the daughter of Linden and Olive Spencer Copp.. Stuart Frank Copp

 died August 30, 1980 and is buried in  Bowen Cemetery, Tioga, PA.

Stuart and Martha's children are:

Stuart Michael Copp born 1956 and died 1956 buried in Bowen Cemetery, Tioga County, PA

Debra Lynn Copp born 1956 and died 1956 buried in Bowen Cemetery, Tioga County, PA

Stephen Douglass Copp born 1957. Stephen resides in Woodland Park, Colorado

 he married Leslie Bates and their two children are

Kendra Copp and Sandra Copp

Cindy Lee Copp born 1959 resides in Wellsboro, PA, she married Denis Wilcox

and they have one daughter:

Miranda Wilcox.

While Clinton Copp married Ella Pratt. Clinton worked at the Glass Works.

He and Ella would have LeRoy born 1902, Daisy, Wilford, and

Theordore R. (Martha) Minnie would marry Fred Starkweather and

 have Vivan, Russel, Luella, Leland born 1907, Hazel and Evelyn.

There's no menton of Mabel and her life. Frederick would marry

Minnie Starkweather.

Leroy Copp born 1902 married,

Gladys Irene Terwilliger


Children of LeRoy and Gladys are:

The oldest Vera Copp born in Wells, Bradford, PA 1923. She was schooled in

 the locally in Wells Township. I was fortunate enough to find her school card

 along with my grandmother, Gladys's card. Vera married Earl Leach and they

 had one son David Leach. David  married Shirley and together their son

Michael is married to Melissa who resides in North Carolina with their

two girls Olivia and Hannah.

Donald L. Copp

was born December 8, 1924

and died April 29, 1994. He would marry Beverly Wega who was born

May 26, 1926 and died February 23, 2008. They would have James who is deceased.

Donald Copp, born 1948 Donald is married to Fran and together they have Breana

Don, Fran and Breanna all work in the school system. Fran and Breana are teachers.

Don is a teacher's aid.  Breana graduated from Nazareth College with a Masters

Degree in Art Education and is an art teacher with the South Seneca Middle School.  

Donald has two children from a previous relationship Jamie and Melissa Copp.

Roxanne Copp,  born 1949,  and resides in Lincoln, Nebraska

Nancy Copp, born 1953 is married to Gordon Mattison and they have two

children, Kevin and Terresa Mattison,

Heidi Copp, born 1958  has two children Jason McDermott and Jessica

McDermott. Heidi is a respitory therapist.

Jennifer Copp born in 1963  works for the county of Schuyler and has

one daughter, Caitlyn Copp who has graduated from SUNY at Fredonia

with a bachelor's or arts in psychology/women's studies and a minor in

psychology. She is attending Chathan University to gain her masters degree in

Counseling/Psychology. She is married to Brandon "Link" Millward.

Raymond Copp was born February 16, 1927 and died September 9, 2011 in Show Low, Arizona. He married Jeanine  together they would

 have Cheryl, Susan, Rhonda, Randy and Julie. Raymond and Jeanine divorced.

Raymond retired to Arizona.

Cheryl Copp is married to Charles Burch. Together they have Matthew, Todd and Camile.

Todd Charles Burch is married to Andrea Joy Spirawk and together they have

Brooke Renee Burch, Brock William Burch and Xander Drew Burch. Todd is

 a corrections officer with the Chemung County Sheriff's Dept. Todd graduated

 with an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Corning Community

 College in 1993. The family spends time at Keuka Lake and enjoys camping,

swimming and snow skiing. Physical fitness is a passion for both Todd and Andrea. 

 Brooke is a honor roll student at Thomas Edison High School and participates in

Football and Basketball Cheerleading. She's also on the track team. Brock and

Xander are both interested in sports and the outdoors.

Matt Burch is married to wife Shannon and they have two children. Matt

graduated from Thomas Edison High School and would go on to college at

Commonwealth University. During his time at Commonwealth he would be

drafted to play for the Kansas City Royals. His career wins at 11,

appearances with 28 and starts with 22 and strikeouts at 92. Currrently

 Matt is pursuing the rest of his education to realize a career in teaching.

He coaches and manages the Elmira Pioneers and the Corning Community

College baseball team. His passion for baseball doesn't stop there as he

started Baseball camp for kids!

Susan Copp who is married to Carson Chase. They currently reside in FL. Susan

has three children, Philip Clark, Carrie Clark and Michelle Nichols.

Philip Clark resides in Corning, NY with his wife and their children,

Kyra, Michell, Dominic and Payton Clark. Philip works in sales for Elmira Distributing.

Carrie Clark resides in Elmira and has six children, Khalil O'Shea

Mohammed, Jahmicia Mohammed, Amani Mohamed, 

Nechimiah Clark, Nezkiah Clark and Nyziah Clark.

Michelle is married to Bobby Nichols and together they have

Stephanie Nichols and Brendan Nichols.

Randy Copp who is married to Diane. They live in Elmira NY

 and have one daughter, Mallory.

Rhonda Copp Bishop lives in Elmira and has two childen,

Mark Kingsley and Wendy Kingsley. Mark has a son Logan Kingsley.

Julie Copp

Ermil Copp was born in November 1928 and died May 17, 2009 She married Joseph Magno. Ermil Copp worked at St. Joseph's Hospital  as a nurse aid. She also opened a preschool in home. One her first students was Robert L. Copp and one her last was Sarah Marie Phillips.

The both live in Elmira, NY. They had Catherine  (William) Kohberger

 Irene McCann

Mary Rose (Jerry) Banister 

Frances E. Doane 

 Joseph E.  (Mary) Magno

Merle Copp born in 1929 and died January 14, 2010. He

 would marry Elenor Nesbit. Merle met Elenor at Arnot Ogden Medical Center in those days it was

Arnot Ogden Hospital. He was an orderly and she was a nursing student. She was attending

the Arnot School of Nursing at the time.  After eloping they moved to Rochester, NY.

Elenor had received her LPN license before leaving  Elmira, NY. They lived in a small

apartment at first which is now a bar called "My Apartment"! Ellie would get a job at

Rochester General Hospital where Merle would  find work as an assistant manager at

Loblaws Grocery Store. They bought their first house in 1966 on Donna Rd, Gates, NY.

They move a few times after that until retirement. They now reside in Churchville, NY.

Ellie retired  from the hospital in 1979 and took over as a manager of paramdical

company doing insurance exams. She now works per diem training the new nurses.

Merle worked at Arnold Bread after Loblaws closed in 1977. He ended his career

with a profitable Thomas Muffin Franchise. He sold the franchise to his son, Harold.

They have Rebecca, Beth,  Julie, Harold and Missy and live in Churchville, NY.

Rebecca Copp married Michael Coogan and their children are Jennifer Coogan,

Matt Coogan who is married to Julie Coogan and have 2 sons, Jacob and  Eli

Beth Copp married Gene LaFaro, June 2, 1979. Beth is a student behavior

specialist at an alternative high school.  The family enjoys football, picnics,

shopping, watching DVD's, gardening and enjoying Lake Ontario. They 

make their home in Hamlin, NY.

 Together Beth and Gene have:

 Aaron LaFaro born November 26, 1979. He graduated from Brockport

High School in 1997 and attended University at Buffalo. He's acquired the

skill of culinary arts through  his travels to and from Portage, Wisconsin

and back to Hamlin, NY. Aaron is involved in local politics where he

serves on the Town of Hamlin Conservation Board. He's currently

attending Monroe Community College to finish his education.

Nick LaFaro born November 26, 1986 and has interned at Disney

World in Orlando, Fl

Amy LaFaro born March 9, 1987 is continuing her studies  and

working full time.

Julie Copp is married to Kenneth Fee an ordained minister and

 runs a bread route. They make their home in Bergen, NY.

Julie hold a bachelors of science in nursing and is a community

health nurse. Together their children are:

Marissa born in 1992, Miranda born in 1995, Makayla born in

1997, Marlaina born in 1999, Mariah born in 2001 and

Monica born in 2003.

Their family attends regularly the Christain Center Church

in Brockport where Ken is an ordained minister.

Harold Copp was born and has son Jeff Copp who

was born September 3.

Melissa Copp-Ouimette born April 7 is married to

Doug Ouimette they live in Binghamton, NY where Missy is

 the office manager for a freightliner dealership and is also a

professional aromatherapist. Their son Liam Douglas

was born January 14, 2010.

Together they share

Sierra their German shepard. .Missy has an associates

degree in Interior Design. They love working outdoors,

gardening and bird watching. Doug is a talented

musician and jewelry maker.

Byron J. Copp, Sr.

was born in Elmira, NY in 1931. My father went through high

school to the 10th grade and through hard times entered the

U.S. Navy. When he returned he did roofing and odd jobs.

He met my mother Patricia Lovell on a blind date. Byron and Patricia would marry April 22, 1955.  She her daughter,

Debra Lynn from a previous relationship would form our family including children,  Jacki, Byron, Jr.,  and Karen.

 Debra was born February 1955,

Jacki Lee born September 18, 1958, Byron Jr., September 8, 1959,

Karen Margaret October 30, 1964, Robert Leon, September 19, 1967.

Debra L. Copp graduated from Southside High School and attended

both Fredonia State University of New York and Corning Community

College. She would marry (1) Richard Roark. Together their children

are Jason Roark born May 2, 1978, Geoffrey Roark born April 6,1986.

She also married (2) Edward Stanton. Debra works in the banking industry.

She started as a teller and has worked her way to the auditing department.

She and husband Edward Stanton enjoy the outdoors, camping and boating.

They currently reside in Breesport, NY.

Jason Roark graduated from Horseheads High School and works in the

 carpentry field. He married Shannon Beuter and together they have Kaylana, Griffyn

and Brayden.

Geoffrey Roark graduated from Notre Dame High School and lives in Elmira. He is

engaged to Susan Minchin. Geoff is machinist with Schweizer Aircraft.

Jacki L. Copp graduated from Southside High School and was married to

(1) Scott Satterlee. They had Erin Elisabeth Satterlee born July 13, 1980,

Katie Ann Satterlee born June 14, 1983 and Kelly Lynn Satterlee born

October 4, 1984. Jacki entered nursing school while the girls were growing up.

She obtained her registered nursing degree and works in the Emergency Room

for a local hospital. She also married  Kate Hembrooke and together

 they reside in Elmira, NY.

Erin Satterlee graduated from Southside High School and attended

Corning Community College. She worked in both the banking, restaurant and healthcare fields. She is attending nursing school.

She married Rob Herrick and together they had Lucas Anthony, Olivia Herrick and Ava Marie Herrick.

. Erin and her family reside in Elmira.

Katie Satterlee attended Southside High School and has Nathan and Kayla Patchen.

Kelly Satterlee graduated Southside High School in 2002.

She works in the restaurant business. She married Brian Fesetch and they have Brianna Fesetch.

Byron Copp, Jr. graduated from Southside High School and entered the U.S. Airforce in 1982.

He served in Desert Storm from 1990-1992. His tour of duty took him to Germany,

Korea and the United States serving at bases in NY and FL. He served on the Joint Service

Air Command during the Desert Storm War in Iraq. He was discharged honorably and returned

to the United States to work in the restaurant business in FL.

He currently resides in Panama City Beach and works in the restaurant industry.

 He is unmarried. He has 3 dogs, Slider, Brewster and Harry Potter.

Karen Margaret Copp  graduated from Southside High School and attended Elmira College.

She had Sarah Marie daughter of Scott Keith Temple,  September 23,1985. She married John Phillips October 2, 1987.

He was born January 21, 1965 and is the son of Howard and Beverly Phillips of Big Flats, NY.

John graduated from Horseheads High School in 1983. He worked as a carpenter and as a

CNC Machinist. Karen worked in advertising for the first Gannett Newspaper in Elmira, NY.

She also worked as the Director for Children's Miracle Network in Elmira, NY.

She would also work for other various publications and the American Red Cross

before she opened her own advertising and promotions business in 1999. In 2003

their daughter graduated from Horseheads High School and in 2006 graduated from

Clarkson University. For 41 years they lived in New York and in October 2005 moved to

Crestview, FL. Karen is the president of So. Tier INK. John is a retired 

CNC Machinist  who was employed in the aerospace field.

Sarah Marie Copp-Phillips-Carey was a teacher in Houston, Texas and married

 her college sweetheart,  Brent Carey on September 27, 2009 in Lake George, NY

 at the Ft. William Henry Resort. 

Brent is obtained his doctorate in Physics at Rice University in Houston, TX.

They both hold Bachelors of Science in

 Applied Physics from Clarkson University.  They both reside now in Ohio where Sarah teaches math

and Brent is a materials scientist. Their first child, Natalie Margaret Carey was born March 25, 2013.

Richard Copp

born February 7, 1933 and died February 23, 2008. He married Norma Copp

(first wife) and with Norma he would have Richard Jr., Danny, Sue, Lucinda.

His second wife is Marge Copp.  Marge resides in Topeka, Kansas. Marge's

children are AJ,  who is deceased. Bobbie Copp and Pam Levanduski all live in Topeka, Kansas.

Roberta Copp would marry

Richard Jackson and they would have  Bradley, Sandy, Joanie and Janet

Joan Jackson Davis

Janet Jackson Brannan is married to Peter Brannan. She is a daycare provider. T

hey have a small dairy herd on her father's farm. 

Their children are:

Benjamin Brannan born in 1981 works for an internet company that he help

start at the age of 14.

Brittany Brannan born in 1986 she is pursuing a degree in Human Resources

and Business Management.

Robert Copp was Roberta's twin and died shortly after birth.

Minnie M. Copp born 1875 or 1876 and died 1972 married Elijah D.

Starkweather born July 12, 1875 and died 1946 in Wellsboro, PA

Fred Copp born 1877 and married Minnie Starweather born 1879

Their children are:

Vivan  Copp born February 23, 1902 and married Ethel M.Harding. 


Ethel M. Age 102, formerly of Pinnacle Towers and Jackson Street, Wellsboro, PA, died August 16, 2006 at Broad Acres. She was the wife of the late Vivan Copp who died December 14, 1964. Ethel was born January 18, 1904 in Wellsboro, PA, the daughter of the late Daniel and Anna Hemker Harding. She was a housewife and member of the Wellsboro United Methodist Church, Philthea Class. Surviving are daughter, Anna Mae Locey, Middlebury Ctr., PA; sister, Mary Copp, Wellsboro, PA; eight grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; five great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by sons, William Copp, in 1951, and Gerald L. Copp, in 1988. Friends and relatives are invited to call on Saturday, August 19, 2006, from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Tussey-Mosher Funeral Home, 139 Main Street Wellsboro, PA. Funeral to follow at 1:00 p.m. with Rev. Mark Shover officiating. Burial in Wellsboro Cemetery. Obituaries for 08/18/06

Broad Acres’ Ethel Copp celebrates 102nd birthday
See Obituary 2006
By Bryan G. Robinson 
Mansfield Gazette, 25 January 2006, p.1B 
 “It ain’t a bit like it was when I was a girl.” When asked what had changed in the course of her lifetime, that was the first thing Ethel Copp of Broad Acres Health and Rehabilitation Center in Charleston Township, who celebrated her 102nd birthday on Jan. 18, said. Copp was born in 1904 at the home of her parents, Anna and Daniel Harding, on Cole Street in Wellsboro. As a girl growing up in Wellsboro, she said she remembered red brick running down Main Street and the Penn Wells Hotel was called the Cole House. The town had three saw mills, a cattle yard and later a silk mill, where she worked during the Depression. “It ain’t a bit like it was then,” she repeated. She said her father was a telegraph operator and that people would come into town on the train. She said her family lived in the same neighborhood as the cattle yard. 
“There were no cars, only horse and buggies,” she said – later recalling that her and her husband’s first car was a one-seated Ford coupe. “They even brought milk to the milk plant on horse and wagons.” Her older brother, Clinton Harding, worked at the plant, she said – before he went to work for Corning Glass Co. for 50 years. She also had another brother, Frank Harding, who eventually moved to Washington, DC. A sister, Mary Copp, 97, lives at the Green Home. Ethel went to grade school and high school; where Park Hill Manor in Wellsboro is now. Because her father died when she was young, she and her siblings quit school to help their mother. Her sister did housework and her brothers worked at the milk plant, formerly Borden’s and later Eagle Family Foods. In 1920, she was married to Vivan Copp, at the parsonage of the Church of Christ on East Avenue, she believes. However, she is the oldest member of the United Methodist Church in Wellsboro, where she has attended for many years. The couple had three children, the late Gerald Copp, who died at the age of 64; the late William Copp, who died at the age of 22, and Anna Mae Locey, 67, who lives in Chatham Township. She has eight grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren. She said she met her husband, because they lived in the same neighborhood. “On Saturday night, we’d go to the movies at Bache Auditorium,” she said. Movies, she said, cost a dime for children and a quarter for adults. It was movies on Saturday night and church on Sundays, she said. Asked how her mother has been able to live so long, Locey answered honestly: “I don’t know.” However, she said her mother had always been active and always taken an interest in her neighbors and always wanted to help people. She said if she could describe her mother in one word, it would be “loving.” Locey related that when she goes to see her mother at Broad Acres on a cold day, she will still check up on her, to see if she’s wearing a hat and gloves. “I feel like I’m 5 years old,” said Locey. She’s still my mother, I’m still her daughter.” Ethel and her husband lived on Jackson Street, where she continued to live until after he died in 1964 at the age of 64. She then moved to Pinnacle Towers, at the site of her family’s home, which had long since been torn down, and also lived at the Shared Home before moving to Broad Acres three years ago. “All the neighbors (on Jackson Street) are gone but one and I talk to her everyday,” said Ethel. That one is Winifred Seamans, 92. “In 1951, we moved on to Jackson Street and she lived a top of the hill,” said Seamans. She attributed her friend’s longevity to hard work and being able to keep herself busy. “She worked hard at housework and sewing. She was always busy.” One of the things Ethel kept busy at, Seamans said, was making quilts, having made quilts for two of her four grandchildren. Seamans said she would use three words to describe Ethel: “thoughtful of others.” “She likes to do things for other people. ”Keeping busy, said Ethel Copp, was the key to her longevity. “I just kept busy, did lots of sewing,” she said. Nowadays, Ethel Copp keeps herself busy by keeping up on the news of the day, through her television. “She’s quite an unusual person,” said Seamans. “She amazes me the ways she keeps up with state, national or local news. She keeps up on everything going on.” It may not be a bit like when she was a girl, but she still wants to know what it is that is happening. 

Isabel M. Copp

COPP, Isabel M.
Age 80, of Helvetia Street, Wellsboro, PA, died June 5, 2007 at The Green

Home. She was the wife of Arnold H. Copp whom she married September 3, 1955.

Isabel was born April 20, 1927 in Antrim, PA, the daughter of the late Walter and

Maria Davis Cruttenden. She was a graduate of Wellsboro High School, Class of "1945",

 and a retired senior accountant for the former Borden's Foods, Wellsboro, PA, with 41

years service. Isabel was a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Wellsboro, and was

an antique collector of dolls. Surviving are her husband, Arnold; son and daughter-in-law,

Dennis and Penny Copp, Columbus, Ohio; four grandchildren, Autumn Copeland,

 Chad Copp, Amber Copp, and Jeffrey Copp; great-grandchild, McKenzie Copeland;

several nieces and nephews. There will be no public viewing. Funeral service to be held

 on Saturday, June 9, 2007, at 1:00 p.m. at Tussey-Mosher Funeral Home, 139 Main Street,

Wellsboro, PA, with Rev. Gregory Hinton officiating. Burial in Wellsboro Cemetery. Family

 will provide flowers. If desired, memorials may be sent in Isabel's memory to a charity of one's choice.

Their children are:

Mary Copp who married Clarence Lewis born Dec. 30, 1896

William G. Copp born 1921 and died 1961

Gerald L. Copp born 1922

Luella Copp born 1904

Russell Copp born 1906

Leland Copp born August 14, 1907 and died June 1979 married Vera born in 1909.

Charleston, Tioga, PA

Their children are:

Rowena Copp

Hazel Copp born 1910

Evelyn E. Copp born 1912

Ruth I. Copp  born 1917

Mabel Copp born 1880

Harry Copp born Dec. 17, 1884

Edna Copp born 1885

Bertie Copp born 1888

Alice (Allie) Copp born 1890

Otto Evering Copp born Nov. 9, 1892. He was drafted WWI may 27, 1918.

He died April 16, 1967. Otto is buried in Bath National Cemetery, Section L, Row 9,

Site 49, Bath, NY

Gertrude Copp born 1897



Frederick  Copp was born in 1854  in Covington, Tioga, PA. He would marry

Eva J. Dyke on July 6, 1880 and they would have:

 Bessie Copp married Arthur Otis

Clara M. Copp born 1893 married Harry Cavenaugh

Walton C. Copp born 1898

 Lloyd F. Copp born 1905

adopted a son Arthur Everetts in 1888.

 His obituary follows: 

COPP, Frederick P. - The funeral of Frederick P. Copp was held Thursday afternoon

 at two o'clock from the Church, Rev. C. W. Houston, officiating. Mrs. W. J. Ridge

and Prof. E. E. Marvin sang "Jesus Savior Pilot Me" and Mr. Marvin sang "Sunrise"

 accompanied by Mrs. A. J. Richards. Burial was in the Gray cemetery. Pallbearers

were A. J. Richards, Harvey cleveland, W. A. Douglass, M. S. Knowlton, William

Walker and Fred Locey. Mr. Copp was born in Covington October 7, 1854, was the

 son of the late HARRISON and ELOISE BOOTHE COPP, was married to Miss

EVA DYKE, July 5, 1880, and four children were born to them: BESSIE (MRS.


of New York) and LLOYD COPP, at home. They also adopted a boy, ARTHUR

EVERETTS, who lived with them until he was twenty-two years old. There are also

 a number of grandchildren. Mr. Copp was a carpenter by trade, a loyal I.O.O.F.

member and a good father and neighbor. When our town was a borough he served

as council man and on the police force and of late was a supervisor. Those from out

of town besides the family attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lovell, Mr.

 and Mrs. Frederick Sweet, of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Corey Dunham, Mr. and Mrs.

 Fred Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davenport, Mrs. Nina

 Wilsey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Copp, Mrs. Fred Copp and family, Mr. and Mrs. Stacey

Copp, Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Starkweather, of Wellsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Burt Copp, Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Bartle, of Elmira; Frank Marvin and John Farrer, of Mansfield.