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Decendants of William Copp

The Copp family donated Copps Hill to the city of Boston. There are many famous people buried there such as Paul Revere and many of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Both the Copp family and the Greenlaw family branch back to above five pilgrims of the Mayflower. William Copp and two of his brothers, Anthony Copp and Walter Copp have been indentified in England.

William came to America from England June 17, 1635 on the barque "Blessing", commanded by Capt. John Leicestger. He is described on the passenger list as a "cordwainer", (shoemaker), age 26. He was admitted to the First Church of Boston, June 20, 1640 (some allege that he was a member of Cotton and Increase Mather's church (the "Old North", of Second Church of Boston, but the Copp's kept their membership in the First Church for many years after the Second Church was established.)

Soon after arriving in Boston, William acquired a half-acre of land on the waterfront overlooking the Charles River at the head of Prince Street-called the "Mill Field" because of a windmill used to grind corn and grain that was located on it-subsequently called Mill Hill, Snow Hill, then Copp's Hill; maybe named after William, but more likely after his son Elder David Copp.

The North End where William lived became a very prosperous area, declining only after the Revolutionary War. By that time, the Copp's were gone from Boston. William's will of Oct. 31, 1662 was admitted to probate & Feb. 1670. He was a wealthy man for that period, owning two houses and outbuildings in Boston, plus 100 acres "beyond Braintree".

We descended from the son Elder David Copp and Obedience Topliffe. Then thru the son Deacon Jonathon Copp and Catherine Lay.

Descendants of William Copp of Copp's Hill in authenticated lines, through his older son, Elder David Copp of the First Church of Boston.

(New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 62(4):338-370 provided by Shane Symes

David was a cordwainer like his father.

Generation No. 1

1. William (1) Copp was born 09 Nov. 1589 in Honely, Warwickshire, England and died 27 Feb 1669/70 in Boston, Mass. He was married twice. First wife's name is unknown. His second marriage was to Goodeth/ Judith Itchenor. She was born 1600 Warwickshire, England, and died 25 Mar 1670 in Boston, Mass.

Children of William Copp and Judith Itchenor are:

i.  Joanna (2) Copp, born about 1629 England, died July 29, 1654

ii. Ann Copp, born Aug 1630, England; died June 23, 166`, Boston,  Suffolk, Massachusetts, New England

iii. David Copp, born Sept. 20, 1615, Hatton Parish, Warwick, England died Nov. 20, 1713,, Boston, Mass

iv. Naomi Copp born August 5, 1638, Boston Suffolk, Mass. Diet October 1653 Boston, Suffolk, Mass.

v. Jonathon Copp born August 23, 1640 Boston, Suffolk, Mass.married Margaret Calder b. 1640 and d. 1643

Children of Jonathon and Margaret are:

a.Jonathan Copp  born April 6, 1670

b.Moses Copp born June 19, 1672

c.Jonathan Copp born April 6, 1673 d. 1719

d.Aaron Copp born April 1674 and died 1729 married Mary Heath on December 30, 1698. Aaron Copp served in the army in 1725 under Captain Joseph Heath; also in 1755-8 under Captain John Hazzan, of Haverhill. Mary Heath was admitted to the Haverhill Church April, 1723. She was the daughter of Josiah and granddaughter of Bartholomew Heath. When the line was fixed between Massachusets in 1741, that part of Havehill in which he lived fell in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Children of Aaron and Mary Heath Copp are:

1. Jonathan Copp born October 7, 1699 and died April 7, 1762 Essex, Haverhill, MA. Married Esther Elizabeth Dow born May 27, 1709 daughter of Henry and Elizabeh (Colby) Dow Esther died February 1786.. Children of Jonathan and Esther are:

 a. Soloman Copp born March 3, 1719 in Amesbury, Essex, MA  He married Elizabeth Davis in October1747. She was born August 29, 1723 in Amesbury, Essex, MA, the daughter of Johnathan and Martha (Dow) Davis.  They lived three years in the fort at Cantebury before going to Sanbornton, NH. His was the second family in Sanbornton and settled below Mohawk Point, building their first house on the Bay shore, at the at end of the second range line, back of the late Misses Philbrick's, and near what as since been known as the "Boundary Tree" this house was subsequently moved up the shore to the present H.Q. Dalton's and finally to the spot directly opposite Mohawk Point, where he died (probably) May 8, 1796. She died October 21, 1822 at age 100 years less 13 days, in Sanbornton, Belknap, NH. One of their younger children would have been "the first born in  Sanbornton", had she not revisited Cantebury a short time before it's birth, whence she is said to have returned with the child in her arms, and a bushel of corn meal upon her back, wading across the Winnipiseoee River, at the well-known shallow place below the Plains! No complete birth record of these children has been found. The major part were born before their parents came to town, and one or two perhaps in Cantebury. Children of Soloman and Elizabeth are:

Jacob Copp born 1739

Elizabeth Copp born April 16, 1740 married Timothy Chandler born August 15, 1733 and died March 24, 1770 of Concord, son of John Chandler.  

Children of Elizabeth and Timothy are:

         Abiel Chandler born October , 1765 Andover, MA and died May 5, 1855 Bristol, NH. He married Abigail Thomas born 1768 Sanbornton, NH and died 1850 Briston, NH. Children of Abiel and Abigail are:

               Elizabeth Chandler born July 27, 1789 and died September 10, 1891. Stewartstown, NH She married Daniel H. Kidder born August 2, 1788 Bristol, NH and died October 16, 1864 Stewartstown, NH. Children of Elizabeth and Daniel are:

                         Julie Ann Locke Kidder bor July 2, 1816 Sanbornton, NH and died June 2, 1883. She married Orrin Covell born July 3, 1818                                  Clarksville, NH and died December 18, 1891 Stewartstown, NH. Children of Julie and Orrin are:

                                 Murcilva E. Covell born January 26, 1846, W. Stewartstown, NH and died February 26, 1935 Coldebrook. married                                                Benjamin F. Crawford brn April 15, 1840 Waterville, NY.

                                Miranda E. Covell born march 25, 1849, Clarksville, NH died May 13, 1899 She married Benjamin Clark Young born July                                     19, 1833 Clarksville, NH and died June 7, 1914. Children of Miranda and Benjamin are:

                                     1. Austin Young born April 20, 1869 and died December 1872 W. Stewartstown, NH.

                                     2. Phoebe Joanna Young born April 17,1870 W. Stewartstown, NH died October 9, 1963 Lancanster, NH. She married                                            Ira Reed born about 1863 Durham, PQ Canada and died May 24, 1898 Colebrook, NH. She also married Albert L.Covell b. 1880 died 1941. 

Children of Phoebe and Ira are:

Mary Reed

Carroll Reed born December 23, 1894 Stewartstown, NH died December 23,1977 Manchester, NH Veterans Hospital. He married Viola Marion Norton born August 9, 1900 Lemington, VT and died July 2,1975 Lancaster, NH Weeks Memorial Hospital. Children of Carroll and Viola are:

5 Living Reed Children

Phyllis Evergreen Reed born October 14, 1921 Lemington, VT married Holman P. Dowse born September 5, 1918 N. Stratford, NH died July 16, 1990 Lancaster NH, Weeks Memorial Hospital. Childre of Phyllis and Holman are:

14 Living Dowse Children

Helene Gail Dowse born May 25, 1943 died February 4, 1998 Rockville, CT, Rockville General Hospital Libero Lee Persiania born April 6, 1920 Allentown, PA and died August 23, 2005, Ocala, FL. Children of Heleneand Libero are:

2 Living Dowse Children

Libero was married twice before Elizabeth Grimm with whom he had Daniel, James, Jane, Lee, Thomas Dowse and third wife, Edie whith whom he had Lee Dowse and Tracy Dowse.

Michael Dowse born January 23, 1948 N. Stratford, NH and died December 29, 2001 Windsor Locks, CT

Irene Mary Reed born July 23, 1929, Lemington, VT Norton House and died July 22, 1977 W. Stewartstown, NH Coos County Nursing Home married George F. Banfil born Jue 10, 1918 Colebook, NY Bennett House. Died Sept. Children of Irene and George are:

2 Living Banfill Children

3. Mary C. Young born September 25, 1871 W. Stewartstown, NH died 1942. married Ivan Gould. 

Children of Mary and Ivan are:

Bejamin Gould

George Gould

Norman Gould

Theodore Gould.

Mary also married Willis Young born November 2, 1866 and died December 13, 1946.

4. Persis L. Young born March 11, 173 Stewartstown, NH

5. Orrin Benjamin Young born October 16, 1874 W. Stewartstown, NH died January 2, 1950 Barnstead, NH married     Chloe Brooks. Children of Orrin and Chloe are:

a. Orrin B. Young born with measles.

b. Benjamin Orrin Youn born August 16, 1907 Stewartstown, NH died 1980 married  Edna Lakeman born January     10, 1907 and died January 31, 1982. Children of Benjamin and Edna are:

Carolyn Young

3 Living Young

Robert Young born August 6, 1947 died August 8,1947

Levi Brooks Young born May 12, 1910 died May 9,1930 of Appendicitus

Norman Clark Young born September 10, 1912 nd died August 4, 1938 of Tubuculosis

Josephine Matilda Young born may14, 1915 and married Jesse Phillips born January 16,1910 and died May 8, 1985. Children of Josephine and Jesse are:

7 Living Phillips children

Roland Allen Phillips

Flora Alice Young born May 11, 1918 married Leo William Labrie born July 20, 1912 and died November 1, 1979. Children of Flora and Leo are:

2 Living Labrie Children

Jerusha Copp born 1743. She married Samuel Shepard, Jr. born December 24, 1777 in Durham, Strafford, NH son of Samuel Shepard. Children of Jerusha Copp an Samuel Shephard Jr. are:

James Shepard born 1770 in Gilmanton, Belknap Co., NH. He married Sally Sarah Richards born 1775 in Gilmanton,NH and died September 7, 1843 in Danville, Caldenonia Co., VT. Children of James and Sally are:

William R. Shepard born May 6, 1821 in Danville, VT. He married on July2, 1843 a Miss Clarissa Wheeler born 1824 in VT. She was the daughter of Randall and Mary (Daly) Wheeler. Clarissa died July 24, 1925 in VT. Children of William and Clarissa are:

Franklin Shepard born December 12, 1851 in Danville, VT. He died September 3, 1925 in Calais, VT. He married Marietta Aiken born 1855. Children of Franklin and Marietta are:

William Frank Shepard born 1876 in Danville, VT

Clara May  Shepard born August 22, 1879 in Marshfield, VT.

Harry Bernst Shepard born May 31, 1882 in Marshfield, VT.

Charles Perley Shepard born June 1 1884 in Marshfield, VT. On August 14, 1911 in Glover, VT he married Nina Iona Braley born 1892 and died 193. Charles died March 17, 1973 in Claremont, NH. Children of Charles and Nina are:

2 Living Shepard children

Raymond Shepard born August 9, 1910 NH and died August 24, 1986 in Bradford, VT

Madeline Myrl Shepard born September 23, 1913 in Glover, VT

Theda May Sheard born October 22, 1915 Glover, VT and died December 3, 1969 VT

Wilford Armond Shepard born February 10 1920 NH and died April 16, 1980 in Bellow Falls, VT

L. Olive Shepard born 1922 in NH

Ruth Shepard born 1923 NH

Robert A. Shepard born June 1, 1924 NH

June Shepard married Zweeres. Their children:

Jeffrey F. Zweeres

Wendall Charles Shepard born September 3, 1928 NH and died June 18, 1955 NH

Wayne Reginald Shepard born may 16, 1930 NH and died January 31, 197 Concord, NH

Irene (Arene) Copp  born May 17, 1745

Lois Copp born 1746

Amy Copp born 1747

Thomas Copp born 1754

Molly Copp born 1756

Hannah Copp born 1758

Judith Copp born 1762

 e. Thomas Copp b. 1675

 f. Samuel Copp b. 1680 d. 1729

2. Josiah Copp born January 3,1702 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts died 1792 Gilmantown, Strafford, New Hampshire. He married Mary Swett born 1702 and died 1744. Children of Josiah and and Mary:

1. John Copp born 1733

2. Josiah Copp born 1734

3. Benjamin Copp born 1736-1810

4. Moses Copp born 1738

5. Mary Copp born 1740

6. Simeon Copp born February 24,1743 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts and died July 18, 1812 Gilmanton, Strafford, NH. He married Sarah Fellows born 1750 and died 1824. Children of Simeon and Sarah are:

1. Sarah Copp born 1774

2. Mary Copp born 1775

3. Timothy Copp born 1778

4. Josiah Copp born April 25, 1781 Gilmanton, Strafford, NH and died September 4, 1848 Gilmanton, Belknap, NH. He     married  2nd wife Sally Morrill born 1793 and died 1855. Children of Josiah and Sally were:

1. Dr. Josiah Morrill "Joseph Copp" b. 1818 d. 1892

2. Timothy Copp

3. Sarah E. Copp born January 24, 1822 

4. Frances Susan Copp born 1826 and died 1901

5. Harriett Storrs Copp born 1830 and died 1896

First wife of Josiah Copp was Mary Fellows born 1790 and died 1817. Children of Josiah and Mary were:

1. Mary Copp born 1812

2. Simeon Copp born 1815 and died 1856

Josiah also married Elizabeth Crockett born 1717

3. David (Senior) Cpo[[ bprm 1703 and died 1784

4. Moses Copp born 1706 and died 1756

b.Tristam Copp  born 1725 in Dover NH. He died April 10, 1810. He married Martha Horne who was born 1726 and died 1781. Children of Tristam and Martha are:

Rebecca Copp bornAugust 10, 1769 Lebanon, ME and died April 1, 1857 in Stewartstown, NH. She married Samuel G. Piper born 1771 and died 1854. Childrenof Rebecca and Samuel are:

Josephine Piper born March 18, 1810 in Stewartstown, NH and died August 5, 1884. She married Thomas Branch Blodgett born 1810. Children of Josephine and Thomas are:

Milton Blodgett born February 2, 1834 in Stewartstown, NH and died March12, 1919 in Stewartstown, NH  He married Matilda Wright born 1861 and died 1922. Children of Milton and Matilda are:

Bessie M. Blodgett born February 11, 1898 in Stewartstown, NH and died January 18, 1982 in Newport, VT. She married Heamon A. Nason born 1889 and died 1960. Children of Bessie and Heamon are:

Living Nason

Kathleen Bessie Nason born January 30, 1919 Lemington, VT. She married Winslow Piper Walling born 1915 and died 2002. Children of Kathleen and Winslow are:

4 Living Walling Children

Anna Copp born 1781 and died February 21, 1781

Lydia Copp

Martha Copp

Sarah Copp

Tristam Copp

William Horne Copp

David Copp  born about 1762 Lebannon, ME he married Betsy Gilbert and Alice Copp. Children of David and Alice Copp are:

Abigal Copp

Ellis (Elsea) Copp

Selinda Copp

Oliver copp bon 1788Jonathon Copp born November 5, 1792 in Wolfeboro, N and died March 4, 1869 in Moultonboro, NH

Martha Copp born October 1797

Alvaro Copp born 1801 in Moultonboro, NH and died 1879 in Weare, NH. He married Susan Clifford born 1807 and died 1882. Children of Alvaro and Susan are:

James Monroe Copp born January 31, 1826 in Williamstown, VT and died April 5, 1871 in Chesterfield, NH. He married Almira Jane Durgin and Marietta Jeffers.

Luella Copp born about 1830. She married Charles Willey.

Mary Jane Copp born about 1832 married Robert Young.

Sarah E. Copp born January 7, 1833 in Moulonboro, NH and died February 13, 1895 in South Berwick, ME. She married Christopher Staples born 1819 and died 1891. She also married George H. Haddock born 1815 and died 1871. Children of Sarah and George are:

George W. Haddock born 1848 Shipton, Quebec, Canada

Mary E. Haddock born 1851 NH. She married George James

Ada Jane Haddock born 1854 Piermont, NH. She married John E. Worthen.Children of Ada and John are:

Daughter born 1872

Eva E. Haddock born 1857

Ella Haddock born April 16, 1859, Sandwich, NH

Ida Francis Haddock born July 1, 1860 Sandwih, NH

John Burley Haddock born November 16, 1862 Sandwich, NH and died April 22, 934 Peabody, MA. He married Sarah M. Harding born 1854 and died1940. Children of John and Sarah are:

Enoch Alfred Haddock born May 22, 1888 Brome Quebec, CANADA and died October 16, 1918, S. Berwick, ME. He married Sarah Wicks.

Eva May Haddock born November 25, 1887, Manchester, NH and died March 21, 1940, Lynn, MA. She married John Frances Burneet born 1877 and ided 1933. Children of Eva and John are:

1. Living Burnett Child

 2.John Alfred Burnett born July 7, 1910 N. Reading, MA and died October 24, 169 Danville, NH. He married Harriet G. Budka born 1912 and died 1988. Children of John and Harriet are:

4 living Burnett Children

3. Mary Elizabeth Burnett born August 6, 1911 S. Burwick, ME and died May 4, 1983 Tweksbury, MA married Alexander Krochmal born 1911 and died 1961

4. Samuel Lincoln Burnett born February 12, 1913 Peabody, MA and died November 7, 1990 N. Reading, MA married Geraldine Lois Foote born 1921. Children of Samule and Geraldine are:

4 Living Burnett children

5.William Edward Burnett born November 18, 1914, Peabody, MA and died January 28, 2004 Lynn, MA married Helen Ruth Waterman born 1915. Children of William and Helen are:

2 Living Burnett children

6.Howard Donnell Burnett born December 1916 Peabody, A and died April 11, 1986 Danvers, MA married Eleanor Louise Walters born 1919. Children of Howard and Eleanor are:

2 Living Burnett children

7.Anna Minor Burnett born October 17, 1918 Peabody, MA and died February 3, 1973 Jamaica Plaines, Boston, MA married Henry Joseph L'Italien born November 7, 1916 Salem, MA and died March 5, 1996 Peabody, MA. Children of Anna and Henry are:

4 Living L'Italien children

8.Grace Harding Burnett born December 18, 1920 Peabody, MA died January 9, 2002 married William Walters born 1912 and died 1988. Children of Grace and William are:

Robert W. Walters born September 24, 1946 Peabody, MA and died Feburary 11, 2005, Salem, MA

9.Helen May Burnett born September 30, 1922 Peabody, MA died March 8, 1990 Danvers, MA married Louis Joseph Crateau born March 9, 1920. Children of Helen and Louis are:

1 Living Crateau child

10.Eva Eleanor Burnett born December 12, 1924 Peabody, MA and died June 19, 1990 Salem, MA married Maurice Majorique Dumas born March 27, 1919 and died February 27, 1982. Children of Eva and Maurice are:

4 Living Dumas Children

George Carr Haddock born November 19, 1867 Centre Harbor, NH and died Augut 9, 1937 Laconia, NH.

First wife was Living Cole

Children wih George Carr Haddock are:

1. George Haddock

2. Lucinda Haddock

3. Minnie Haddock Foss born August 1892 NH

Children Unknown mother Arthur Foss

4. Bertha Louise Haddock born May 2, 1910 Ossipee, NY married William R. Nell, also maried Nelson Bruno. Children of Bertha and Nelson are:

Asa Bruno

Living Bruno

2nd wife of George Carr Haddock in Sandwich, NH May 23, 1891 was Florence Withhamb born 1868 York, ME

3rd wife of George Carr Haddock was Julia Etta Hill born August 3, 1888, Rochester, NY. Children of George and Julia are:

1. Etta Haddock married Evert Pickering. Children of Etta and Evert:

Ellsworth Pickering

2. Charles W. Haddock born October 26, 1890, Wakefield, NH

3. Georgiana Haddock born June 11, 1895 Ossipee, NH

4. John Haddock born April 15, 1897 Ossipee, NH

5. Grace Haddock Wilkins born September 22, 1899 Ossipee, NH married Roland Rufas Sanborn. Children of Grace and Roland are:

Margarte Sanborn

Virgie Sanborn

other children with unknown father are:

Phillip Wilkins

Richard Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

4th wife of George Carr Haddock was Alice Rose Perkins whom he married on August 4, 1916, Meredith, NH. She was born 1897. Children of George and Alice are:

1. George Carr Haddock born January 1, 1917 Meredith, NH died January 5, 1980 Meredith, NH. He married Bernice Pearl R. Abbott born 1899

2. Leslie Haddock born January 12, 1920 Meredith, NH and died February 2, 1998 Meredith,NH married Lillian Mae Bodge. Children of Leslie and Lillian are:

Brian Haddock

Carolyn Haddock Conte

David Haddock

3 Additional Living Haddock Children

Norman Haddok

3. Phillip Robert Haddoc bon may 3, 1921 and died February 25, 1972 married Ida McCarthy. Children of Phillip and Ida are:

Audrey M. Haddock

Barbara Haddock Baker

Daniel Haddock

John L. Haddock

Joseph Haddock

Patricia E. Haddock

Phillip Haddock

4. Blanche Haddock born April 19, 1923 and died February 9, 2000 married Eugene F. Small who died 1970. Children of Blanche and Eugene are:

Almon E. Small

Marilyn Small McGowan

5. Lawrence R. Haddock born March 8, 1935 and died March 9, 1935.

c. Samuel Copp born April 6, 1742 Died October 4, 1816. One of the early settlers of Lebanon, Maine, came probably from the adjoining town of Rochester, New Hampshire, as early as 1767. He settled in the extreme western part of the town, in the Salmon Falls River Valley, and was the first person to clear a farm in that immediate locality. The house erected by him in 1778, the oldest now (1896) standing in town, is owned and occupied by Frederic Dixon, being in a good state of preservation.

On July 14, 1776, Rev. Isaac Hasey wrote in his diary: "Bill up by  Sam. copp for himself bound into ye army"; and on the next day he wrote, "Col Goodwin here to muster and pay men." On a New Hampshire muster-roll dated at  Charlestown, MA, July 27, 1776, his name appears as a lieutenant in Capt. Drew's Co., raised for Canada out of  Col. Evan's and Col. Badger's Regiments. Capt. Drew was of Barrington, NH.  On November 20, 1776, at Mount Independence, he, with other army officers, signed a petition for certain persons for field-officers in the third Battalion.

He was the first representaive to the General Court from Lebanon, in 1772, a selectman of the town in 1777 and 1778, a member of the First Church from August 20, 1780; a deacon from 1781,and subsequently an elder in that church. He was a man of great physical strength as were his sons.

Born in Rochester, NH he married first wife Hannah Hayes in 1764. He also married Sarah (Scates) Knox-Wentworth on June 21, 1798 widow of Thomas Knox of Berwick, Maine, and of Nathaniel Wentworth of Middleton, NH He died before 1818 at whch date his widow Sally paid a ministerial tax.

Samuel Copp was buried on the farm that he leard, and his grave, unmarked, is in what is now a pasture on the hill-side of the Dixon farm. "Copp's Bridge," spanning the Salmon Falls river near this farm, is all that the present generation have to remind them of Samuel Copp.

 Children of Samuel and Hannah are:

Reuben Hull Copp born Februay 8, 1764 and married April 11, 1788, Eleanor Rugg. He died whil on visit in Chandlersvilles, MA, September 2, 1840 at 75 years, 6months, 24 days. Eleanor died June 27, 1837 at age 69 years, 7 months and 22 days.

Dodavah Copp born September 20, 1766. He removed to Wakefield, NH. She died 1847 and her tombstone was found in the forest in Sanbornville, NH.

Jane/Jean Copp born October 16, 1768; married at January 5, 1786 to Joseph White, son of John and Elizabeth (Cole) White. Jane and Joseph resided in Ossipee, NH.

Samuel Copp, Jr. born Spetember 1780 and married August 21, 1794, Margaret Rugg.They removed to central Maine.

George Copp born January 10, 1773.He married  Sally Goodwin on November 8, 1898. She was the daughter of Thomas and Anna (Hodgdon) Goodwin.

Sarah Copp born June 21, 1775. She married Joshua Goodwin on December 31, 1801 son of Thomas and Ana (Hodgdon) Goodwin.

Hannah Copp born My 2, 1779 and died January 27, 1860. She married Elijah Ricker on November 28, 1805 ho was born December 1769 and died March 26, 1851. Children of Hannah and Elijah are:

Elijah Ricker

George Ricker

Zimri Ricker

Sobriety Ricker

Lewis D. Ricker

Moses Ricker

Samuel Ricker

Hannah Ricker

Roger Copp born My 21, 1781 and married  first wife Mary Polly Lord who died August 2, 1806. He married 2nd wife on April 5, 1810, Abigail  Nabby Blaisdell born March 3, 1786 in Lebanon, York, Maine and died November 7, 1853 in Detroit, Maine. Children of Roger and Abigail are:

Samuel Copp born 1810 . Samuel served as selectman, constable, town treasurer and tax colloector. On December 29,1838 he married Betsy Mills born June 301813 and died  December 15, 1876 in Corinna, Penobscot, County, Maine. Children of Samuel and Betsy are:

Amanda Copp born 1838 and died 1888. She married Joesph H. Worthing born 1839 and died 1924. Children of Amanda and Joseph are:

Samuel Copp Worthing born 1871 in Maine and died 1948 in East Orange, NJ

John Blaisdell Copp born April 3, 1811 in Lebanon, York, Maine and died November 10, 1855 in Flushing, Genesee, Michigan. He married Syrena Mills in Waterboro, Maine on June 9, 1833. Syrena was born November 17, 1808 in Maine and died February 20, 1853 in East Trumball, Ashtabula, Ohio. Children of John and Syrena are:

Charles Mills Copp

Oren Copp born 1834 in Maine and died 1880 in Madison, Lake Ohio. He married Livonia born 1834 in NY and died 1880 in Ohio. Children of Oren and Lvonia Copp are:

Lily Copp born 1857 who married Elbert Foster born 1858 in Ohio.

John Copp born 1865

Isadora Copp born 1840 in Maine. She married Samuel A.Redding born 1844 and died in 1865. She also married Robert Emory Wenk born 1850 in Ohio and died 1920 in Oakland, CA in 1880.

John Scott Copp born January 17, 1843 in St. Albans, Maine and died June 19, 1896 in Hillsdale, Somerset, Maine

Mary Copp Lord born 1816

3rd Wife of Roger Copp was Anna Strafford.

Benjamin Hayes Copp born 1785 baptized on March 8. Married Hannah Goodwin on June 20, 1808 the daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Hodgdon) Goodwin. They reside on the east side of the Copp homestead and later removed to Central Maine.

children of Benjamin Hayes  Copp and Hannah Goodwin are:

Benjamin Hayes Copp born 1822 in NH. He was a farmer who married Sophrnia who kept house. Children of Benjamin Hayes Copp are:

Freddie A. Copp born about 1865 in Maine

Charlie H. Copp born abut 1867 in Maine

May E. Copp born about 1869 in Maine

Ruel Longfellow Copp born 1871in Maine. Ruel married Nellie E. Russell daughter of Emma Russell born 1842 in Maine. Children of Ruel and Nellieare:

Kenneth Russell Copp born 1905 in Maine and died August 1978. He married September 25, 1926in Waterville, Maine a Miss Evelyn A. Butler born March 12, 1906 and died November 26, 1992 in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut. She was an administrative assistant in the sales industry.

Childen of Kenneth Russell Copp and Evelyn A. Butler are:

Carlton Russell Copp b. August 14. 1930 in Waterville, Maine and moved to Mt. Vernon, NY when still an infant. He grew up in Mt. Vernon where he was active in the school bands at AB Davis High School. He was in the top 10% of his class. Captain of the rifle team, a lieutenant-marshall member of the National Honor Society and active in a number of school clubs and organizations. He graduaed from Yale University with high academic honors in 1952, and then joined the U.S. Marine Corps and rose to the rank of 1st lieutenant during the Korean War and was later promoted to Captain in the Marine Reserves. He subsequently was admitted into the MBA program at Harvard Graduate School, and lived then in Allston, MA with his wife Ann Turner whom he married February 28, 1953 and their daughter, Gerre Copp in 1954.

During his 25 years at the stock exchange firm of Conning and Company, he specialized in security analysis, insurance industry consulting and portfolio management and became a general partner and later vice-president. After 1955, he spent some time as portfolio manager in a new firm, Bradley, Foster and Sargent, also in Hartford, CT.

Carl was an active sportsman, having traveled extensively in pursuit of his interests in scuba diving, hunting and fly-fishing. Included among his numerous other hobbies were stained glass crafting, photography, swimming and civil war memorabilia and reenanctments. He served in his Congregational Church in West Avon, CT, as Chairman of several committees, including Deacons, Christian Education Nominations and Stewardship. His other civic positions included Chairman of Boy Scout Troop 137, President of Simsbury Civitan, President of the University Club bowling league and financial advisor to the Hartford Gun Club. In his profession, he became an early certified member of the Chartered Financial Analysts Society, President of the New York Paper  Analysts Group and was included in "Who's Who in Finance and Industry".

After retiring from full-time investment work in 1995 he and his wife Ann moved to Dennis, MA to a home on the waterfront they had previously built.

Children of Carlton Russell Copp and Ann Turner are:

Gerre Copp Griggs born December 15, 1954

Linda Copp Sheffied born December 29, 1957

Charles Copp born October 15, 1961


Minnie S. Copp born about 173 in Maine

Lillian G. Copp born about 1876

Jonathon Copp born March 6, 1777 and died June 1856. He married Mary Churchill. Chldren of Jonathon and Mary are:

Uriah Copp  born June 1804-05 and died April 13, 1884 and married Martha Jane Goodwin. Children of Uriah and Martha are:

1.Sarah J. Copp born 1835 in Maine

2.Harriet M. Copp born 1836

3. Carlton Copp born December 23, 1839 and died June 26, 1861

The records of 1850 show the family living in Somersworth, Strafford, New Hampshire.

Children of Carlton Copp are:

 Charles Wesley Copp Sr. who married Mary Mee and children of Charles W. Sr.and Mary are:

 Charles Wesley Copp Jr. who married Muriel Henrietta Ostriche b. March 24, 1896 in New York City, NY.  

 She had planned to be an elementary school teacher. Her plans changed one day, while she was in high school, when she encountered, Christy Cabanne on the street and was invited by him to take a screen test at the American Biograph studios. She dd this, and in autumn 1911 she joined Biograph as an extra in several films, after which the budding actress went to Powers, Pathe, and then to the newly-formed American Eclair Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where she spent a year under the direction of Etienne Arnaud and appeared in many films. Followng her work with Eclair, Miss Ostriche had a brief stint with Reliance, after which she went to Thanhouser, where she was hired by Charles J. Hite. Her first Thanhouser film was Miss Mischief, released in June 1913. In a book by Frances Agnew, Motion Picture Acting she is described as  a dainty, bewitching little miss of 17 summers, the most entertaining little talker, and merely being with her imbues one with the same instinct of a determined ambition which means to win!"

While with Thanhouser Film Corporation the president Charles J. Hite set up a special division, the Princess Department, to showcase Muriel's talents. For most of the next year she appeared in weekly single reel Princess releases, usually with Boyd Marshall as her leading man. Another leading man was dancing partner, Rudolph Valentino. In later years Miss Ostriche was with Universal, then Vitagraph, and then for three years with World, where she appeared in many productions. Still later, she starred in several films released through Arrow Productions and others Muriel Ostriche Copp died  at age 93 on May 3, 1989 in St. Petersburg, FL. Muriel was the last surviving major star from the Thanhouser studio.

View one of the only films still available as many were lost on the Thanhouser studio website. Give generously to keep Muriel's work available.

More about Muriel from the American Movie Classics Website:

With her brown curls and gamine beauty, brunette Muriel Ostriche (born Oestrich) made her screen debut with Biograph in 1910 but became a star with the New York-based Thanhouser company, who named a special brand in her honor, the so-called Princess films. These one-reel situation comedies, in which she often starred opposite the handsome Boyd Marshall, made her one of America's favorite actresses in 1913 and 1914, and she was listed ahead of Mary Pickford in several popularity polls. Ostriche also appeared in more serious fare, such as the still extant The Decoy (1914), in which she played an innocent girl falling in with a gang of card sharks; she left Thanhouser in 1915 for Universal, Vitagraph, and World, but never obtained the same kind of acclaim and retired to marry in 1918. Residing in complete obscurity in St. Petersburg, FL, an octogenarian Ostriche was rediscovered in the 1980s by author Q. David Bowers who made her the subject of a groundbreaking book on the early film industry, Muriel Ostriche: Princess of Silent Films (1987). 

Children of Charles W.Copp Jr. and Murial are:

Charles Wesley Copp, III b. 1923

Jean Copp

Carlton Copp, Sr born 1896 Children of Carlton Sr. are:

a. Carlton Copp, Jr. first wife (Karen) 2nd Marilyn


Carlton pictured with grand daughter Christiana

Children are:

i.  Carlton Copp, III  is retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Major with 25 years of service, last position was Commander of a communications unit. He is employed now with IBM as a Computer Security Consultant.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in compuer engineering from Polytechnic University. He married Denise (Nichols)who is a Registered Nurse. Their family interests include owning a show horse, skiing, traveling and excursions to the beach.


Christiana Copp, born January 14, 2004

ii.  Peter Copp

iii. Karen Copp who is married to Richard Young

iv. Jennifer Copp

2. Josiah Copp born January 3, 1701-02 He settled in Haverhill, where he was a taxpayer in 1742; had a son:

John Copp born February 18, 1732-3

3. David Copp born March 9, 1703-4 in Haverhill, MA. He married October 27, 1725 to Hannah Ticker (or Merrill) of Salisbury, MA. They lived near he east shore of Washington Pond, in Hampstead, NH. Hannah was admitted to the Hampstead church August 6, 1752, and died at Hampstead aged eighty five years. David was a tithing man thee, and in 175 the minister writes of teaching his children the catechism. David signed petitions in 1744 and 1748. Children of David Copp and Hannah Ticker are:

i. Ann Copp born May 5, 1748

ii. Abdiah Copp born December 20, 1749

 Jonathan Copp born June 1754 in Hampstead. Removed to Moutonbourgh or Tuftonborogh, New Hampshire. According to the Middlesex County Records the families records are missing.

David Copp, Jr. who married 1768 Hannah Merrill and second wife Mary French of Hampstead.a).

Tristam Copp born about 1775 married Susan Hill of Stoneham, MA. They settled in Tuftonbourgh, Carroll county, NH

The children of Tristam and Susan are:

1.John Copp.

2.Jonathan Copp

3. Mary Copp

4. Nancy Copp

5. Sally Copp

6. Susan Copp

7. Tristam Copp born July 1808 at Tuftonborough, died March 31, 1858.  At ate 49 and eight months. He worked on his father's farm in his native town and attended school there. After his marriage he removed to Barnstead, and bought a farm of one hundred acres on the road to Strafford, near the eastern boundary of the town, and carried on this place for twelve years. He then sold it, and for a year worked at Dover, New Hampshire; then he bought a farm at Dunham, in the southern part of that town, near the Newmarket line, consisting of forty acreas, and known as the old Tweksbury place. He conducted it to the time of his death, and also did extensive teaming for others he was a Methodist in religion; a Democrat in politics. He served in the state milita in the Barnstead company. He married June 1, 1834, at Wolfeborough to Elizabeth Tibbits (or Tebbetts), daughter of William and Sally (Winckley) Tibbits, of Brookfield, New Hampshire. Children of Tristam and Elizabeth are:

1. George Washington Copp born April 9, 1835 Barnstead, Belknap county, NH. He attended the public schools there until he was twelve years old, when he moved with his parents to Dover. He went to school there also and at Newmarket, and after the family settled in Durham. He worked four  years in the cotton mill of the Newmarket Manufacturing Company, completing his schooling in the meantime at the Durham Acadmy. He entered the employ of the book publishing firm of D. Lothrop & Co. and afterward established  business as G.W. Copp & Co., at Portsmouth, New Hamphsire. He then took a course in Corner's Commercial College, Boston, He began then as a bookkeeper for the upholstery house of Francis A. Steele, under the Adams House, Boston, and remained in that positition five years. Upon the death of Mr. Steele, in January 1860 the entire management of the store fell upon Mr. Copp. After managing the business for the estate for a time, he and an associate clerk, Edward W. Pear, bought the business and later removed to more commondious quarters at the corner of Washington and Avery streets. About 1865 the firm was dissolved, Mr. Pear finally resuming, while Mr. Copp removed to Saxonville, MA. After a  year he bought a farm at Needham, conducted it about a year and sold it to a Mr. Ladd, entering again his former business of upholstery and window shades at Hamilton Place and at Washington and Hanover streets. He was in business this time five years, then for five years, was employed in the upholstery house of James Scales & Co., on Tremont and La Grange street. While in this last position he bought a farm at Woburn, but sold it out after having it some four years. In 1890 he went to California for his health and on his return bought his present place of William H. Cummings in the western part of Woburn. He has four acres of land which he cultivates and a cider mill, the product of which he finds a market for in Woburn and vicinity, besides manufacturing much for other dealers. his plant has all the latest and most efficient machinery, operated by a ten-horse power engine and equipped wih a first-class hydraulic press. The plant has an area of some five thousand feet.

As a business man, Mr. Copp exhibited tact, enterprise and energy. He is upright in private and business life, respected by all who know him. In religion he is a Methodist, in politics a Republican and has served his party as delegate to various state and senatorial conventions. He has been chairman of his ward committee for the past twelve years. He was a member of the Amicable Lodge of Free Masons, Cambridge; of Siloam Lodge, No. 2 I.O.O.F., Boston. He was in the militia and formerly quartermaster-sergeant of the Boson Light Infantry, afterward called "The Tigers." He married April 9,1857, Hannah (Ellen) Tuffs, born at Middleton, New Hamshire, November 26, 1836, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Stevens) Tufts of Middleton, New Hampshire.

2. Squiers Francis Copp born July 4, 1836 at Durham; died at Woburn, MA, June 12, 1860, buried at New market. Resided some years at Durham.

3. Sarah Elizabeth Copp born February 3, 1838 at Barstead and married Novemrber 27, 1856, George W. Smith at Newmarket, NH.

children of Sarah and George Smith are:

1. Wilhelmina Frances Smith, born August 14, 1857 at Durham, New Hampshire. Died Reading, Massachusetts. Marrried Hubbard Copeland; born December 18 in Reading Massachusetts; died Reading, Massachusetts. No children

2. Asbury Gilbert Smith born Feburary 4, 1859 at Billerica and died March 18, 1923 Pasadena, CA. He married September 13, 1882, Annie Seymour Lunt born September 17, 1861 at Newburyport, MA. She died December 24, 1935 in Pasadena, CA.

Tribute to Asbury Gilbert Smith

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Vol. V – No. 4
April 1923
H. J. Ryan, Commissioner
Ed. By G. R. Gorton, DEPUTY


Dr. A. G. Smith, Senior Inspector in charge of County Horticultural Inspection in the Pasadena District, died at his home, 152 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, on Sunday, March 18, 1923. Funeral services were held at the Chapel of Ives and Warren, in Pasadena.

Dr. Smith was born in Bellerica, Mass. In 1859, passed the entrance examinations for Harvard University at the age of 16, but because of his youth was not permitted to enter until one year later. At Harvard he studied under Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, receiving special commendation from him for the excellence of his work. After completing a post graduate course in pharmacy, following his graduation from the Harvard Medical School, he received an appointment as physician of the McLean Institute for the Insane, and later was Superintend ant of the State School for the Feeble Minded. He later removed to California, making his home at Palermo, as a practicing physician. Five years later he came to Los Angeles and thence to Pasadena where he finally made his home in 1896, remaining there until his death.

Wile in Pasadena, Dr. Smith was engaged for a number of years with another physician in the conduct of a pulmonary sanitarium. During this period he also operated a drug store in Pasadena. Later, on account of ill health, he abandoned the practice of medicine and purchased the patent rights in a floor finishing machine, in which business he was engaged for approximately 14 years. The also, because of the state of his health, he took up horticultural inspection work, associating himself with the Los Angeles County Horticultural Commissioner’s Office.

Dr. Smith’s life was a succession of struggles against the handicap of ill health, successful, largely because of the exercise of exceptional will power and fortitude. He was a deep student of horticultural matters and was rated as one of the leading citrus experts of California. Though a partial invalid, Dr. Smith led a very active live, keeping in touch with a number of outside business interests.

Because of his long association with the Los Angeles County Horticultural Department and the high regard in which he was held, he is sincerely mourned by the members of the staff of the Horticultural Commissioner’s Office and a host of other friends.

Additional information about this storyDescriptionTribute to Asbury Gilbert Smith by the Los Angeles Horticultural Commissioner's Office.DateApril 1923

Additional information about this story

Description Tribute to Asbury Gilbert Smith by the Los Angeles Horticultural Commissioner's Office.
Date April 1923
Location Pasadena California
Attached to


Children of Asbury and Annie Smith are:

a. Bertha Anne Smith born at Woburn, MA May 19, 1884 and died August 29, 1885

b. Harold Asbury Smith born March 16, 1886 at Boston MA. Died May 1966, Pasadena, CA. He married Alena Doll Jackon born April 28, 1888 Kansas an died December 1, 1977 Los Angeles. Children of Harold and Alena are:

Jane Ann Smith born May 13, 1911 Pasadena, CA and died June 22, 1992 Los Angeles, CA

Frank Asbury Smith born October 25, 1913 died January 13, 1992. Married Ruby Mae Merle McNatt born August 21, 1918 in Cordell, Oklahoma and died July 31, 1987 in Washington. Children of Frank and Ruby are:

      Harold Asbury Smith born April 3, 1941 in Albuquerque, NM and died June 21, 1984 Washington.

John Harold Smith born September 10, 1926 Los Angeles, CA and died Septemer 26, 2005. He married Gloria M. Pietre who died August 30, 1984

3. Florence Elberta Smith born September 29, 1887 at Cincinnati, Ohio, died December 24, 1965 in Pasadena, CA. She married Arthur W. Hartwell born September 21,1878 Badsey, England and died October 25,1959 Pasadena, CA. Children of  Florence and Arthur are:

Horace Asbury Hartwell born August 29, 1918 Pasadena, CA amd doed 2006 Ontario, Ca.. He married Ruth Esther Smith born March 26, 1920 in Long Beach, CA.

Donald Thomas Hartwell born April 21, 1921 Pasadena, CA and died February 8, 1978 Azusa, CA. He married June Hutchinson.

Arthur Malcolm Hartwell born July 14, 1923 Pasadena,CA and died November 23, 1944 Netherlands. He married Kathleen Marie McCarroll.

4.Wilbur Francis Smith born May 14, 1889 at Pelham California died January 14, 1940 Los Angeles, CA married Clara T. born 1889 Minnesota. Children of Wilbur and  Clara are:

Doris Smith born 1913 California

Jean Ann Smith born 1915 California

Betty Smith born 1922 California

5. Warren McLean Smith born October 19, 1890 at Palermo, CA ad died February 12, 1891 Woburn, MA

6. Hattie  Elvina Smith born November 27, 1864 at Framingham, MA died May 19, 166 buried at Woburn, MA

4. Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith born November 7, 1867 at Framingham, MA, married April 23, 1903 at Pasadena, CA to Joel  McKendree Clark, born October 17, 1856 Gilson, IL, died April 6, 1923 Hemel, CA. She died March 4, 1906 leaving behind one child:

 Gilbert Asbury Clark born October 15, 1904 at Pasadena, CA.

4. Moses Copp born March 31, 1706

vi. Rebecca Copp born May 6, 1641 Boston, Suffolk, Mass.

vii. Ruth Copp born November 24, 1643 Boston, Suffolk, Mass

viii. Lydia Copp born July 23, 1646 Boston, Suffolk, Mass Died 1662

4. Moses Copp born March 31, 1706 Haverhill, MA married Mehitable Emerson born 1702. Children of Moses and Mehitable are:

Elizabeth Copp born April 1, 1738 Haverhill, MA and died June 29, 1819 in Catebry, NH

Joshua Copp born 1741 and died 1804 married Sarah Poor born 1743 Boston, MA. Children of Joshua and Sarah are:

Molly Copp

Moses Copp born 1760 Hampstead, MA and died in Georgeville, Quebec Canada. in 1833. he married Anna Mills born 1761 and died 1833. Children of Moses and Anna are:

Joshua Copp born February 25, 1769 Hampstead, NH married Besty Abram born 1770. Children of Joshua and Betsy are:

George Washington Copp born January 9, 1797 NH and died August 31, 1877 Newfield, NJ He married Susan W. Abbot born 1799. Children of George and Susan are:

George Nelson Copp born July 20, 1826 NH and died May 2, 1905 Vineland, NJ. He married Almira Emerton Tucker bon June 1831 NH and died January 5, 1924 , Camden, NJ. Children of George and Almira are:

Frank W. Copp born March 5, 1853 NH and died January 11, 1940 York, PA. He married Margaret Dosler born 1859 and died 1933. Children of Frank and Margaret are:

1. George Washington  Copp born June 19, 1883 Newfield Gloucester, NJ and died January 18, 1917 Mineral,  West Virginia.

2. Anna M. Copp born August 1885 Gloucester, NJ died November 2, 1902 Cumberland, Allegany, MD. She married George W. Heilman born 1884 and died 1927. Children of Anna and George are:

a. Margaret Heilman born 1904 York, PA

b. Murray Heilman born November 5 1906 York, PA

c. Emily Heilman born November 5, 1906, York, PA

d. Infant Heilman November 20, 1909

3. Ceila Copp born October 1890, York, PA married Frank White

4. Edith May Copp born about 1895 Maryland. She married George W. Frantz born 1889. Children of Edith and George are:

a. Lillian L. Frantz born 1913 PA and died March 1989

b. Gertrude Frantz born 1915 PA

c. George F. Frantz August 13, 1916 York, PA

d. Anna Frantz born 1921

5. Della G. Copp born August 21, 1896 and died June 21, 1899 York, PA

6. Clarence F. Copp born July 8,1900 York, PA and died February 22, 1974 Los Angeles, CA. He married Daisy E. born 1896. Children of Clarence and Daisy are:

a. Dorothy Copp

b. Jean Copp

c. Lamar Copp

Edwin E. Copp born March 30, 1854 NH and died May 1, 1923 Camden, NJ married Ida Williams. Children of Edwin and Ida are:

a. Harry J. Copp born 1888 NJ

b. George Nelson Copp born November 18, 1890 Newfield, NJ and died May 27, 1964 Orchard Beach, ME

c. Matilda Copp born 1892, PA

Everett W. Copp born March 30, 1854, NH and died May 1,1923, Camden, NJ married Sarah E. Lashley born 1850

Emma  Copp  born February 14, 1856 NH married Frank Fish. Children of Emma and Frank are:

Nellie Fish

Nellie Copp born about 1858 NH

Sarah . Copp born February 18, 1802 in Canda and died November 1881 She married Ira Putney born 1802 and died 1872. Children of Sarah and Ira are:

Ira M. Putney born June 16, 1840 Canada and died March 5, 1901 Stronghurst, Henderson, IL

Elizabeth Copp born 1807 and died 1882 

Elizabeth Copp born April 14, 1761 Hampstead, NH married Reuben Whitter born 1751 and died 1787. Children of Elizabeth and Reuben are:

Reuben Whittier born March 8, 785. He married Lavinia Jameson. Children of Reuben and Lavinia are:

John H. Jameson born February 10, 1807 Fairport, VT nd died August 13, 1882 Stanstead, MA. He married Thankful Winch born 1815 and died 1897. Children of John and Thankful are:

Charles Henry Whittier born August 8, 1850 Greenwich, NY and died September 11, 1929 Winthrop, MA. He married Jane E. Campbell born 859 and died 1925. Children of Charles and Jane are:

Eugene P. Whittier born September 22, 1880 Boston, MA and died December 22, 1958 Boston, MA.He married Olivia . Marshall born 1882 and died 1942. Children of Eugene and Olivia are:

Olivia Frances Whittier born May 12, 1913 Winthrop, MA

Evelyn Eugenia Whittier born March 8, 1918 Winthrop, MA and did November 7, 1993. She married Ernest Edward Hardy born 1910 an died 1997. Evelyn and Ernest children are:

2 Living Hardy Children

Generation No. 2

Ann Copp (2) (William1) was born August 1630 in England, and died 23 June 1661 in Boston, Mass. She married Herman Atwood June 11, 1646 in Boston, Mass. He was born Oct. 3, 1613 in St. Marin's, Surry, England, and died June 2, 1651 in Plymouth, Mass.

Child of Ann Copp and Herman Atwood is:

i. John (3) Atwood, born August 31, 1647, Boston, Mass

iii. David (2) Copp (William1) was born Sept. 20, 1635 in Hatton Parish, Warwick, England, and died Nov. 20, 1713 in Boston, Mass. He married Obedience Topliffe Feb. 20, 1659/60 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass. She was born Oct. 1642 in Dorchester, Mass, and died May 30, 1678 in Boston, Mass.

David Copp inherited 30 acres of his father's Braintree property; also apparently owned a house and attached shop on Prince Street in Boston. He also had a warehouse and some property near the  Charleston ferry. He was "ruling elder" of the First church of Boston, and prominent personage in the community. He was "clerk of the market"' "sealer of leather"; on committees to assist the Boston selectmen in laying out highways and listing property; worked with the constable to quell excessive drinking and disorder in public houses; and as frequent bearer "at the funerals of the elite old Boston." He died intestate, his son David administering the estate. His children wera all with first wife Obedience Topliff.

Children of David Copp and Obedience Topliffe are:

i.   David (3) Copp born Dec. 8, 1661, Boston, Mass, died before 1663 Boston, Mass

ii.  David Copp, born Mar. 2, 1662/63, Boston, Mass, died Jan 17/18/19, Boston, Mass

Married Patience Short, Dece, 27, 1694, Boston, Mass; died April 4, 1736 Boston, Mass

iii.  Johnathan (Deacon) Copp born Feb. 23, 1664/65, Boston, Mass, died Nov. 4, 1746, New London, CT. Buried Raymond Hill Cemetery, Montville, N.I. Connecticut.

iv.  William Copp born Mar, 14, 1666/67, Boston, Mass, died 1702 Boston, Mass Married Ann Ruck.

v.    Sarah Copp born mar 4, 1668/69, Boston, MAss married Nathaniel Hutchinson, June 5, 1707, Boston Mass, born Sept. 24, 1662  Charlestown, Mass, died Aug. 1, 1728

vi.   Samuel Copp born April 15, 1671, Boston, Mass, Died Dec. 1729, Boston, Mass Married Hannah Sale, 1696 Boston, Mass, born about 1675, died Feb. 21, 1721/22 Boston, Mass. No children, 2 marriages.

vii.  John Copp born June 16, 1673, Boston Massachusetts.Died May 16, 1751 in Norwalk, CT. No Children. Two marriages.

viii. Thomas Copp born Oct 1675, Boston, MA died July 25, 1678, Boston, Mass.

Generation No. 3

i.. John (3) Atwood (Ann2 Copp, William 1) was born Aug. 31, 1647 in Boston, Mass, and died Aug. 26, 1714. he married Sarah Travis about 1667 in Boston, Mass.

Child of John Atwood and Sarah Travis is

i. James(4) Atwood born June 3, 1673, died about 1714.

iii. Jonathan (3) Copp (David 2, William1) was born Feb. 23, 1664/65 in Boston, Mass and died Nov. 4, 1746 in New London, Ct. He married Catharine Lay.  She was born Feb. 11, 1670/71 New London, CT and died May 24, 1761. She was the daughter of John and Sarah Lay. Her father served in King Phillip's War and was wounded in the Great Swamp Fight.

In 1722 Robert Dennison petitioned the Connecticut Assembly for persmission to tax vacant land in the north parish of New London, Connecticut, to support a minister. The petition was grandted, Dennison and Jonathan Copp (Samuel and John's father) surveyed and laid out the land and assured that all taxes from the unimproved land went to the parish.

Copp, a parish deacon, also collected taxes for the construction of the meeting house.

Jonathan was living in Stonington, CT when his father's estate was being settled in 1714. He was a cordwainer. Later he settled in the North Parish of New London (Montville), CT. He was a religious leader and became a deacon when a church was formally organized in 1722 (the Second Church of New London, later Montville Center Church). He was delegated to go to  Boston to get the new pastor, Rev. James Hillhouse and bring him to North Parish. He was very active in the parish, serving on committees ad as moderator.

In 1724, the General Court of the Colony appointed him to serve on a committee to espend "on pious uses" public money raised on unimproved lands. He owned a mill and a good farm near the Norwich, CT line. His homestead was atop Raymond Hill. He and his wife are buried in Raymond Hill Cemetery. In his will, he left his wife an Indian boy, on the condition that she teach him to read and write. All ten children were born in Stonington, CT.

Children of Jonathan Copp and Catharine Lay are:

i. Katherine (4) Copp born July 7, 1692, Stonington, New London Co, CT. She died March 8, 1742, Norwich, New London, CT.. She married Thomas Edgecomb November 14, 1720.

ii. Jonathon Copp born June 12, 1694, Stonington, New London Co. CT. Died December 9, 1772 Stonington, New London CT. He married first wife Margaret Stanton, December 28, 1721 and Married Mrs. Sarah Dennis Hobart June 30, 1742.

iii. Obedience Copp born Sept. 17, 1696, Stonington, New London, CT married Stephen Belding, Feb. o1, 1721, Norwich, New London, CT; born May 21, 1697, Wethersfield, CT

iv. Mary Copp born Oct. 27, 1698, Stonington, New London, CT. She married John Mason, Jr.

v.  Sarah Copp born Sept. 24, 1700, Stonington, New London, CT Died December 21, 1710

vi.  David Copp born Oct. 3, 1702, Stonington, New London, Co., CT. Died May 1751 New London, CT. He married Mrs. Dorothy Denison Rogers.

vii.  Samuel Copp, born Jan 12, 1704/05, Stonington, New London, Co.,  CT died after March 25, 1774 possibly Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.

viii (Amy) Ann Copp born Sept. 24, 1707, Stonington, New London,  CT. She married John Vibber.

ix. John Copp born Sept. 29, 1709, Stonington Township, New London, CT. Died 1784 probably, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. Married Isabel Dixon, November 7, 1744 in New London, New London Co., CT.\

x. Sarah Copp born December 21, 1710, Stonington, CT Died December 21, 1710, Stonington, CT

xi. Sarah Copp born December 3, 1712, Stonington, CT.

Children of John Copp and Isabel Dixon are:

Catherine Copp born August 12, 1745 in New London, New London, Co. CT.

Isabel Copp born November 17,  1747 in New London/Montville, New London Co. CT

Anna Copp born July 6, 1749 in New London/Montville, New London Co. CT

Sarah Copp born may 20, 1751 in New London, New London Co., CT

John Copp born June 3, 1753 in New London, New London Co., CT.

Timothy Copp born December 30, 1755 in New London/Montville, New London Co., CT

Thomas Copp born about 1757 in New London, New London, Co., CT

William Copp born about 1760.

x. Sarah Copp born December 21, 1710, Stonington, CT Died December 21, 1710, Stonington, CT

xi. Sarah Copp born December 3, 1712, Stonington, CT.

iv.. William Copp (3) (David2, William) was born March 14, 1666/67 in Boston, Mass and died 1702 in Boston, Mass. He married Ann Ruckle May 24, 1692 in Boston, Mass. She was born Abt. 1670 in Boston, Mass and died June 6, 1699 in Boston, Mass

Child of William Copp and Ann Ruckle is:

i. Ann(4) Copp born March 17, 1692/93, Boston, Mass,  Died Feb 1722/23, Boston, Mass. Married John Waldo; born May 19, 1678, Charlestown, Mass. Died March 28, 1736, Boston, Mass.

vii. John Copp Surveyor and Colonial John of All Trades by Silvio A. Bedini is an Historian Emeritus with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and a Contributing Editor for Professional Surveyor Magazine

He writes:

In reading about colonial American surveyors, it is apparent that few if any were professionally trained. For the most part they were self-taught and pursued other community activities in addition to surveying, generally a common trade ranging from farming to shoemaking. An exception was John Copp of Boston, who fulfilled numerous civic responsibilities not only in one community, but in two, as well as in his state. Born in 1673, he was the son of David Copp, one of William Copp's nine children and a cordwainer like his father. William Copp had emigrated from England. David expanded the cordwainer business, was the ruling elder of the First Church, clerk of the market, and sealer of leather. He was a surveyor and adviser to the Boston selectmen on various matters including laying of bounds for highways and property listings in the town. David also "was designated by the selectmen to cooperate with the constable in the suppression of excessive drinking and disorders in private houses and licensed places of entertainment." He was a highly esteemed citizen and bearer at funerals of the old elite of old Boston, and among his friends was the Reverend Cottom Mather.

Established in Many Professions
His son John Copp moved to Connecticut while in his twenties, and in 1698 he married the widow Mary Jagger Phelps of Stamford. Apparently, not long thereafter he was widowed, then married again three years later to another widow. There were no children from either marriage.
During the next few years Copp apparently established himself as a schoolteacher in Stamford with success, for his name next appeared in Norwalk in 1701 when a town meeting voted to hire him as schoolmaster "in case he can be obtained." The meeting left the salary open to negotiation of "reasonable termes" but specified that part of the payment in the amount of 1 pound 55 should come from a tuition charged to the "schollers" (pupils) with the payment divided equally among them. Copp accepted the position and taught both day and evening classes.
In addition to schoolteacher, Copp was also the local medical doctor. In 1705 he "obtained the recommendation of the selectmen of Norwalk and applied for a license to practise medicine." He was granted a license, and in 1710 or 1711 he was appointed a surgeon with a Connecticut regiment which was to march to Port Royal in Canada to engage the French in battle. At a meeting of the Governor's Council in New Haven held on July 24, 1711, it was ordered that a letter be dispatched to Copp "desiring him to attend and go as Doctor in the expedition against Canada, which letter was drawn and sent accordingly." Copp was to be paid six pounds a month for his service out of the Colony treasury "and that he shall have a suit of the regimental cloaths, gratis." If and where and when Copp received medical training is not known.
Copp had been trained in surveying by his father, and probably had accompanied him on some of his field work, and from time to time engaged in surveying when called upon. When as early as 1697 Norwalk residents began to become interested in land to the north of their community which was owned by Indians, Copp frequently was called upon to survey for members of the community. The land was high and rocky, but the soil was fertile and there were more than sixty miles of streams that could serve future mills. In 1706 and again two years later, he was asked with others to survey land in the region, but various difficulties arose and the expeditions resulted in failure.

The First Purchase
Finally, working alone in the summer of 1708, Copp managed to draw up boundaries for a tract of land of 20,000 acres, roughly in the southern half of the present town of Ridgefield. He reported back to the Norwalk residents that "we went up to view said tract of land and upon our diligent endeavour for a discovery, we find it to be accomodated with upland considerably good and for quantity sufficient for thirty families, and as for meadow land it surpasses both in quantity as well as in quality what is common to be found in larger plantations." In September, Copp and two others from Norwalk representing the first 26 settlers of new community to be named "Ridgfield" (later changed to "Ridgefield") paid the Indians £100 sterling for what was called "the first purchase" of which there were to be seven more. The purchase having been made, the General Assembly in session at Hartford in May 1709 appointed Major Peter Burr of Fairfield, John Copp of Norwalk, and Josiah Starr of Danbury, to serve as a committee to make a survey of the tract of land and to lay it out for a town plat, and to make return to the General Assembly at New Haven in the following October "of their doings therein, and of their opinion how many inhabitants the said tract of land may admit and contain." After this was done, a grant was made by the General Assembly in session at New Haven on October 13, 1709.
Copp was elected recorder or town clerk of the first town meeting in 1709 and of which his notes of the meeting survive. Although for a short time in 1714 Copp held title to property in the new community, he did not hold title to property in the town. In 1714 he had some land deeded to him which he turned over to another several months later; it appears that he was acting merely as a trustee.
During the first several years of Ridgfield's settlement, Copp apparently lived with one pioneer family or another for periods ranging from days to months at a time while he helped to lay out the town and its main street. It was to be six rods wide, and to run north and south along the eastern declivity of the ridge. On either side of the street, home lots of two-and-one-half acres were laid out, and in the rear of these, additional lots of five acres, making a total of seven-and- one-half acres. Subsequent divisions were made of the plough land, meadow land, and bogs.

Haphazard Schooling
Copp also served as the town's physician, and as its first schoolmaster, instructing the children in a small meeting house near the center of the town. Schooling appears to have been somewhat haphazard because Copp also had responsibilities in Norwalk during this period, and it was not until 1721 that the subject of education was mentioned in the town records. Ridgfield's first town meetings were probably held in Norwalk until the settlement became more permanent and populated. Copp was also the town clerk for Norwalk from 1708 to 1740. It is likely that Copp's records of Ridgfield town meetings were compiled in Norwalk, his last entry made in 1713, when he was succeeded as both recorder and schoolmaster by the Reverend Thomas Hauley, the town's first minister.
The settlement of Ridgfield was but one of Copp's endeavors, for during the same period he was extremely active in the civic and ecclesiastical life of Norwalk and of Fairfield County as well. In 1706, 1716, and 1718-19 he was elected state representative from Norwalk to the Connecticut General Assembly. In 1711 he was appointed county surveyor and at the governor's request he assisted with a 1716 survey to determine the boundary between Connecticut and New York State. In 1719 he was engaged in clearing up confusion over the boundaries of the community of Norwalk. In 1726 he was appointed to a town committee to present grievances to county officials. Copp also surveyed the town of Bradford, New York
Copp was no less active in Norwalk's ecclesiastical affairs. He was a deacon in Norwalk's First Congregational Church, and the town records note that in 1723 he was granted a position of importance, "the second pue [sic] from the pulpitt." His wife was placed "in the third pue on the women's side." During the mid 1720s, Copp served on several church committees that attempted to settle a dispute between the minister and his parishioners, who were then most of the townspeople. The dispute became so heated that in 1726 it was voted at the town meeting to discontinue payment to the minister of his salary. Copp's name appeared on the records of Ridgfield in 1739, noting that he had come to town to attend the installation of the new Congregational minister, Jonathan Ingersoll, who came to replace Thomas Hauley, who had died the year before.
In his will drawn up in 1749, Copp freed his two slaves, Jack and Sarah, and provided them with support. Copp died on May 16, 1751, at the age of seventy-eight. There are few suitable memorials to John Copp in either community in which he lived and worked. Copps Mountain, a name first used in the town deed of 1721, was given to a ridge in the northern part of Ridgefield. Along the southern end of this ridge is "Settler's Rock," campsite of the scouting party that set out to survey Ridgefield in 1708 before the first purchase was made from the Indians. Of later date, occurring in deeds from 1748, is also Copps Old Line referring to the border between Danbury and Ridgefield.  John Copp Died May 16, 1751, Norwalk, CT

Generation No. 4

James (4) Atwood (John3, Ann2 Copp, William 1) was born June 3, 1673,a nd died About 1714. He married Miriam 1712. She was born about 1690 and died June 21, 1718 in Milton, Mass.

Child of James Atwood and Miriam is

i. John (5) Atwood born June 1, 1714 in Haverhill, Mass, died Jan1, 1812, Weare, Hillsboro, NH.

vii. Samuel Copp )(Johnathan, David William, William) married Eliabeth Leffingwell on March 2, 1745 in New London Co., CT born June 9, 1729 Norwich, New London, CT. Died February 1, 1818 and was the daughter of Daniel Leffingwell (1690-1738 and Sarah Bill.

Samuel Copp, son of Deacon Jonathan and Catherine Lay Copp was born January 24, 1705 in Stonington, CT. He dided after March 25, 1774., probably at Horton, Nova Scotia. He was among the 6000-7000 "New England Planters" immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1760-61.

They had the following children:

Prudence Copp born April 5, 1746 in New London Township, New London Co., CT. She married June 12, 1766 in Norwich, New London Co., CT to John Usher. they had teh following children:

John Usher, Jr. born July 7, 1768 in Norwich, New London, Co., CT

Abigail Usher, born October 1, 1770 in Norwich, New London Co., CT.

Samuel Copp Jr. born November 22, 1747 New London Township, New London, CT.

David Copp (Captain) born  August 10, 1752 New London, CT and moved with his familty to Horton, Kings co., Nova Scotia when he was about 9 years old. He married Mary Pike September 1777 (sometimes spelled PYKE) She was born 1756 in Horton. They had moved to Hopewell, Albert Co., New Brunswick by 1786. Mary died  before 1803, presumably at Hopewell, but no record of her death has ever been found. David married 2nd about 1803, Hannah (Peavy) Johnson, widow of John Johnson, who was probably living at Hopewell. They moved to Washington Co., Maine about 1804, living first in Eastport ten Lubec, where David Copp died May 4, 1817 at age 65.

They had the following children:

Catherine Copp born October 3, 1778 in Horton, Kings, Nova Scotia. She married James Wallace who was born 1772 in Hillsborough, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. Died July 17, 1853 Hillsborough, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada.

Abigail Copp born April 17, 1780 in Hopewell, Albert, New Brunswick, Canada. Died March 13, 1860. She married George Griffith Hayward.

Daniel G. Copp born about 1785 in Horton, Kings, Nova Scotia. He married Margaret Greenlaw on November 12, 1806 in Deer Isle, Hancock, Maine who was born May 7, 1788 daughter of William Greenlaw who was born about 1761 in Falmouth, Maine and died October 16, 1832 in Deer Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick.

Mary Copp born November 12, 1788 in Eastport, Washington, Maine September 9, 1871 in Harrisburg, Linn, Oregon. She was married to first husband John McCully on March 23, 1811 in, Westmorland, new Brunswick, Canada who was more August 25, 1784 in Nova Scotia. In August 1830 in Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohion she married 2nd husband John McPherson on march 21, 1833 in Guernsey, Ohio who was born about 1768 in Virginia.

David Copp about 1794 in Hopewell, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada. He died December 12, 1877 in  Upper New Horton, Albert Co. New Brunswick. He was killed when thrown from his horse. He married Elizabeth Reed about 1810 who was born 1779 in Horton,Kings co. Nova Scotia and died 1841 in Harvey Albert Co, New Brunswick, Canada. They had the following children:

Mary E. Copp born Spetember 30, 1813 in Upper New Horton Co., New Brunswick, Canada. She died August 5, 1869 in Washington Co., Maine. She married Chandler Copp who was born October 10, 1814 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside Albert co., New Brunswick, Canada. He dided December 3, 1873 Eastport, Washington Co., Maine.

Chandler Copp born 1814 and died 1873 who married Mary E. Copp born 1813 and ied 1869

Their children were:

David Rufus Copp born 1847 and died in 1907. Davd married Laura Emma Butle born 1855 death unknown

Their children were;

Mary Almira Copp born 1875 who married Charles Caswell Greenlaw born 1875 and died 1934.

Lucy Copp born about 1816 in Upper New Horton, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

David A. Copp born about 1819 in Upper New Horton, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. he married Phebe Ann Bray.

Lois Copp born December 31 1754 New London Township, New Lond Co., CT married Andrew Beckwith on April 20, 1775. he was born June 26, 1743 in Lyme, Ct. Died September 1781, Horton King, Nova Scotia.

Catherine Copp born May 15/25 1757 in North Parish, New London, New London, CT

Abigail Copp born November 14, 1759 in North Parish, New London, New London Co., CT

Elizabeth Copp  born 1764 in Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada died April 12, 1842 in Nictaux, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada married to William Bishop on May 7, 1780 at Horton Kings, Nova Scotia who was born May 5, 1759 New London, New London Co., CT died December 6, 1833 in Nictaux, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. They had the following children:

Elzabeth Bishop born August 12, 1781 in Horton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Daniel Bishop born May 7, 1783 in Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada

Samuel Bishop born February 17, 1788 in Nova Scotia, Canada

William Bishop Jrborn August 21, 1790 in Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia, Canada

Sherman Bishop born September 2, 1792 in Nova Scotia, Canada

George Bishop  born Ocotober 22, 1794 in Nova Scotia, Canada

Elias Bishop born February 22, 1797 in Nova Scotia, Canada

Thomas G. Bishop born March 24, 1799 in Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia, Canada

Rebecca Bishop  born April 2, 1803 in Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia, Canada

Mary Ann Bishop born April 13, 1806 in Nova Scotia, Canada

 Olive Copp born March 16,  1765 Horton Kings, Nova Scotia died December 15, 1837 married to Thomas Kinne on October 15, 1784 who was born Ocotber 12, 1754 Voluntown, New London Co., CT died August 17, 1806 Hopewell, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada.


ii. Jonathon(4) Copp (Johnathan3, David2, William 1) was born June 12, 1694 in Stonington, CT. He married (1) Sarah Hobart. He married (2) Margaret Stanton Dec. 28, 1721 in Stonington, CT. She was born Oct. 7, 1701 in Stonington, CT and died Dec. 11, 1740 in Stonington, CT.

Children of Jonathon Copp and Sarah (Dennis) Hobart are:

i. Samuel (5) Copp born Apr. 20, 1743 Stonington, CT married Dolly Brown, Dec. 10, 1769, bon abt. 1743, Stonington, CT.

ii. John Copp born June 11, 1744, Stonington, CT

iii. Mary Copp born Nov. 27, 1745, Stonington, CT.

iv. David Copp, born Sept. 18, 1748, Stonington, CT. Died 1750

v. David Copp born October 30, 1750 and died June 6, 1833 Putnam Heights, CT. David married Mary Spaulding b. 1749 d. 1792 on June 9, 1776

    Children of David Copp and Mary Spaulding are:

    William Copp b. 1777

     Mary Copp b. 1779

     Simon Copp b. April 23, 1781 in Killingly, Windham, CT married Mary Torrey b. 1788

      Children of Simon Copp and Mary Torrey are:

       William Hobart Copp b. September 3, 1821 Norwich, CT d. December 12, 1891. He was a carpenter. He mrried Persis H. Cook b. about 1830 CT d. 1919. They married about 1850.

        They are buried in Avery Cemetery in Preston, CT.

        Children of William Hobart Copp and Persis H. Cook are:

         Mary T. Copp b. 1857

         William H. Copp born1860 in Putnam, Windham, CT. and married Hannah 

          Children of William H. Copp and Hannah are:

          Webster D. Copp b. 1882 Preston, New London, CT

          Son of Webster D. Copp is

          Webster T. Copp b. Oct. 1929 and married Patty Copp


          Alice L. Copp b. 1889

          William H. J.Copp b. 1895

           Perods M. Copp b. 1897

           Frederick T. Copp b. 1899


            Lucy Copp b. 1876

David also married Elizabeth Fiske b. 1762 d. 822 on December 22, 1793

Children of David Copp and Elizabeth Fiske are

       Sarah Copp b. 1794 d. 1796

       Elizabeth Copp b. 1797


Children of Johathon Copp and Margaret Stanton are:

vi. Dorothy (5) Copp born May 26, 1723, Stonington, CT died Apr. 2, 1810 Stonington, CT. married Peter Crary, Apr. 29, 1742, Stonington, CT born Jan. 6, 1710/11, Groton, CT, died Aug. 20, 1778, New York.

vii. Jonathon Copp born July 22, 1725, Stonington, CT

viii Margaret Copp born May 29, 1727 Stonington, CT married Hobart Mason, Nov. 10, 1740, Stonington, CT, born Oct. 6, 1722, Stonington, CT.

ix. Catherine Copp, born Jul 15, 1730, Stonington, CT; married Nathan Cobb, Dec. 28, 1757, Stonington, CT; born June 12, 1734, Stonington, CT; died 1805

xi. Joseph Copp born Nov. 27, 1732, Stonington, CT; died 1815

xii. Ebenezer Copp, born Mar. 3, 1746/47, Stonington, CT


Generation No. 5

 John (5) Atwood (James 4, John 3, Ann 2 Copp, William1) was born June 1, 1714 in Haverhill, Mass and died Jan, 1, 1812 in eare. Hillsbor, NH. He married Abigail Sanders Jan. 7, 1734/35. She was born Feb. 18, 1717/18 in Haverhill, Mass and died Feb. 18, 1749/50 in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH.

Child of John Atwood and Abigail Sanders is:

i. Abigail 6 Atwood born Aug. 13, 1735.

Jonathon Copp(Samuel, Jonathan, David, William,) born November 5, 1749 North Parish, New London, now Montville, New London Co. CT died before June 18, 1822 Hopewell, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. He married Hannah Anderson (possible 1st wife-unknown)

Elizabeth Anderson about 1773 in Horton Kings Co. , Nova Scotia, Canada who died after June 18, 1822.

They had the following children:

Samuel Copp born Cal 1780 in horton, Kings co. Nova Scotia Canada, January 7, 1858 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert co. New Brunswick, Canada.

Nancy (Ann) Copp born about 1784, married ca 1803 to Henry Hayward, remarried ca 1809/10 John Keillor

Chandler Copp born Ca 1785 Hopewell, Westmorland, New  Brunswick, Canada, unmarried.

Daniel Copp born Cal 1786 Hopewell, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada died beofre 1851. married Rebecca Bennette; no children.

John Copp born April 6, 1793 Hopewell, Westmoreland, New Brunswick Canada died April 6, 1858 Waterside, albert, New Brunswick. He married Elizabeth Bishop who as born 1798, died May 24, 1886 Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada. Elizabeth is living with her son James T. a the time of the 1881 census, and is listed as being the age of 84. They had the following children:

Mary Copp born in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Alter co. New Brunswick, Canada

Jonathan Copp born June 4, 1820 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert co., NewBrunswick, Canada married to Laura Bray was born 1825. Theyhad the following children

Henry M. Copp born 1853

Austin Copp born 1855

Gideon A. Copp born 1857

Norman J. Copp born 1860

Naomi Copp born 1863

Laura T. Copp born 1871

Keziah Copp born about 1821 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada, married to Bejamin Wilbur

John Williams Copp born April 25, 1824 in Parish of Harvery Waterside, Albert Co., New Brusnwick, Canada, died about 1911 Waterside, Westmorland, New Brunswick Canada, marriet to Sarah Elizabeth Dixon on February 14, 1850 in Parish of Harvey, Albert, New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of Thomas Dixon born about 1802 in Ireland and Cynthia Outhouse born about 1806 in Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada.

Harriett Copp born Octoer 29, 1830 in Parish of Harvey, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Nathan Webber Copp born 1831 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co, New Brunswick, Canada

Rachel Copp born in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

James Theodore Copp born June 19, 1835 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. He married Margaret <unknown>. They had the following children:

Sebert A. Copp  born about 1860

Aaron B. Copp  born about 1862

Harris T. Copp  born about 1870

Ida G. Copp born about 1875

Olivia Copp born in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

James Copp about 1802 in Hopewell Parish, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada, married 1st unknown; married 2nd Bridget Seeley. byt the 1st wife one child

James Copp, Jr.  the rest with Seely

William Henry Copp born February 9, 1839 in Hopewell Cape, albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

John Howard (Capt.) Copp  born January 30, 1841 in Hopewell Cape, Albert co., New Brunswick, Canada. He died December 28, 1905 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. John married Mary Elvira Rector who was born November 24, 1845, daughter of Robert Rector and Jane Dows. They had the following children:

Ida St. Clair Copp born April 21, 1871 in Apple River Cumberland, Nova Scotia. She married John Mcaleese.

Martha Ann Copp born October 24, 1873 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, She married William Atkinson.

John Percy Copp born July 13, 1875 in Apple River, Cumerland, Nova Scotia. He married Lucy Etta Jane Spicer on March 7, 1895 in Advocate Harbour, Cumberland.

Alice Maud Copp born July 13, 1880 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. She married James Cuthbertson.

James Wallace Copp born June 29, 1881 in Apple River Cumberland, Nova Scotia. He married 1) Agnes E. Winter on Spetember 12, 1905 2) Eunice Boutillier on July 6, 1913, both in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia.

Lucy Arabella Copp born May 24, 1883 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. She married Percy Norman Drew on October 10, 1901 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Carrie Elizabeth Copp born August 31, 1888 in Apple River, Cumberland Nova Scotia. She married Stuart Atkinson.

Mary Ellen Copp born June 29, 1891 in Apple River, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. She married Dallas Mcaleese

Albert Edward Copp born December 18, 1886 in Apple river, Cumberland, Nova Scotia. He married Mary Leila Burgess on June 18, 1919 in Amherst.

Eliabeth Copp born September 5, 1842 in Hopewell Cape, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Thomas Wesley Copp  born November 26, 1843 in Hopewell Cape, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Allice Elliot according to the LDS Archives who was born march 13, 1861. As of the 1901 census they were in NOva Scotia had the following children:

William H. Copp born October 6, 1887 in Nova Scotia

Grace D. Copp born October 30, 1891 in Nova Scotia

Edward Seeley Copp  born December 12, 1846 in Hopewell Cape, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Bridget Copp  born may 16, 1848 in Hopewell Cape, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.

Mary Copp  born about 1804 in Hopewell, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada died before 1851, married Nathan Wilbur.


iv. Jonathon 5 Copp (Jonathon 4, Jonathan 3, David 2, William 1) was born July 22, 1725 in Stonington, CT. He married Esther Searbury May 30, 1747, daughter of James Rogers Esq.

Child of Jonathon Copp and Esther Searbury is:

i. John 6 Copp born June 25, 1748 in New London, CT

ix. Joseph 5 Copp (Jonathon 4, Jonathan 3, David 2, William 1) was born Nov. 28, 1732 in Stonington, CT and died 1815. He married Rachel Denison Dec. 11, 1757 in New London, CT. She was born Sept 20, 1734 in New London, CT and died Mar. 6, 1815 in New London, CT.

Child of Joseph Copp and Rachel Denison are:

i.Joseph Copp born June 25, 1760 New London, CT. Died September 9, 1837. He married Hannah Crary born November 1, 1761 New London, CT.

The children of Joseph Copp and Hannah Crary were:

Betsey Copp born 1781 unmarrid died New London,CT

Hannah Copp born about 1786 New London, CT died January 26, 1808, New London, CT did age 21 unmarried.

Nancy Copp born about 1790 New London,CT Died November 5, 1808 17 yrs. unmarried.

Joseph Copp born 1791 New London, CT died November 17, 1841 unmarried.

Maria Adaline Copp born December 9, 1794 died August 29, 1863, New York, NY

She married Samuel Waring bor June 30, 1792 CT died July 31, 1831, New York, NY

Children of Maria Adaline Copp and Samuel Waring were:

Samuel Copp Waring born August 18, 1826 New York, Y died September 27, 184 at sea from the ship "Artic"

Charles Bill Waring born April 15, 1828 New York, NY died October 12, 1854 married Frances Morris born June 1,1826 New York, NY died after 1902.

Childreno f Charles Bill Waring and Frances Morris were:

George Webber Waring born November 12, 1851 New York, NY died February 22, 1856 New York, NY

Elizabeth Morris Waring born September 1, 1853 New York, NY she married Frederick Raymond Lefferts born October 8, 1850, New York, NY

Children of Elizabeth Morris Waring and Frederick Raymond Lefferts were:

Mary Waring Lefferts born May 2, 1874 New York, NY. She married Selah Brewster Strong born 1872.

Children of Mary Waring Lefferts and Selah Brewster Strong were:

Thomas Shephard Strong

Frederick Raymond Lefferts born August 7, 1875, New York, NY

Frances Morris Lefferts born January 30, 1877, New York, NY died April 13, 1882 New York, NY

Elizabeth Lefferts born October 3, 1878 New York, NY

Evelina Fraklin Lefferts born August 5,1880, New York, NY

Caryl Lefferts born January 16, 1882 New York, NY

Charles Waring Lefferts born September 11, 1884 New Yrrk, NY died March 28, 1890

James Wilson Waring brn July 9, 1830 New York, NY died September10, 1831


ii. Rachael Copp, born July 21 1762 New London, CT. died Sept. 30, 1824 New London, CT She married Samuel Edgecomb born Feb. 28, 1760 Groton, T died Feb. 25, 1843 New London, CT.

The children of Rachael Copp and Samuel Edgecomb were:

1. Julia Edgecomb born Dec. 26, 1792 New London, CT died June 6, 851 Groton CT. She married Edmund Williams born March 18, 1788 Groton, CT died in Groton, CT.

Children of Julia Edgecomb and Edmund Williams were:

A. Edmund Williams born Nov. 19, 1815 Groton, New London CT. he married Susan Larrabee born Dec. 28, 1821. Died abut 1890.

Children of Edmund Williams and Susan Larrabee were:

a. Edgar Ward Willams born 1855 CT married Kate born 1860 CT.

Children of Edgar Ward Williams and Kate were:

a. Walter E. Williams born 1888 CT

b. Arthur J. Williams born about 1893 CT

c. Katherine Williams born about 1859

d. Judson D. Williams born 1863 CT. He married Minnie H. born 1868

The children of Judson D. Williams and Minnie H. were:

a. Raymond J. Williams born 1888

b Eva M. William born 1891

c. Edmund S. Williams born 1893

d. Lawrence L. Williams born 1897

e. Roger W. Williams born 1899

B. Miner Williams born February 5, 1818 Groton, New London, CT died January 18, 1892. He married Jane E. Monreau born 1820

The children of Miner Williams and Jane E. Monreau were:

a. Mary Louisa Williams born April 2, 1844 Lee Berkshire, MA

b. Frances J. Williams born abut 1845 Lee Berkshire, MA

c. Roger Williams born Feburary 26, 1849 Lee Berkshire, MA

C. James Fanning Williams born Nov. 2 1821 Groton, New London, CT Died about 1856 in Stockbridge, MA. He married Millicen D. Bidwell born April 11, 1824 Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA. She died Jan. 24, 1904 Spencer, Worcester, MA

The children of James Fanning Williams and Milicent D. Bidwell were:

1.. Fannie Maria Williams born Oct. 1, 1847 Lee Berkshire, MA. She married Alfred Rankin Hallett born Aug. 27, 1837 St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT. Died Jul 10, 1896 Newtown, Queensland, NY.

The children of Fannie Maria Williams and Alfred Rankin Hallett were:

a. Ada Williams Hallett born April 22, 1870 MA and died 1923 MA

b. Edmund Bidwell Hallett born March 22, 1877 MA an died February 26, 1895

c. Sarah Hallett born October 26, 1887

2. W.W. Williams born January 27, 1850 Stockbridge, MA and did February 18, 1925, Henderson, KY

He married Mattie Hall born about 1861 KY died about March 25, 1938 Henderson, KY

The children of William Walllace Williams and Mattie Hall were:

a. Irma H. Williams born about 1882 KY, died Feb. 28, 1963 Henderson, KY. She married Herbert Weaver Robertson born Nov. 13, 1885 KY died Nov.1, 1960

The children of Irma H. Williams and Herbert Weaver Robertson were:

a. Martha M. Robertson born March 21, 1916 Henderson, KY who married Leo G. Beckett orn Nov. 4, 1914, Pendleton KY

The children of Martha M. Robertson and Leo G. Beckett were:

1 Living Becket and

Lee R. Beckett born Jan. 30, 1944 Henderson, KY die June 22, 1990 Henderson, KY

3. Mary Louisa Williams born March 11, 1853 MA died July 26, 1853

4. Arthur J.Williams born march 24, 1856 Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA Died Nov. 22, 1925 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. He married Mattie W. Lewis born August 12, 1862 Breckinridge, KY Died June 15, 1954 Louisville Jefferson Co., KY

The children of Arthur J. Williams and Mattie W. Lewis were:

a. Ethel Lewis Williams born August 2, 1890 Smitfield, Henry Co., KY Died February 23, 1963 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. She married Elmer H Hancock born Augus 16, 1870 Brownsboro, KY died January 16, 1964, Louisville, KY

The chlildren of Ethe Lewis Williams and Elmer H. Hancock were:

a. Patricia Hancock born 1919 Lousville, KY Died September 27, 1920 Oldham, KY

b. Robert Arthur Hancock born April 2, 1921 Louisville, KY

c.Jacqueline Anne Hancock born August 21, 1922 Louisville, KY Died June 30, 1996 Oprey, FL

5. Julia Ann Williams born July 15, 1822 Lee, Berkshire, MA Died November 22, 1904 Manhatten, New York City, NY She. married John Quaintance born about 1811 and died abut 1889.

The children of Julia Ann Williams and John Quaintance were:

a. James W. Quaintance born September 12, 1845 MA Died May 21, 1874

b. William Bentley Quaintance born November 14, 1848 Lee Berkshire, MA

c. John Edgecombe Quaintance bor April 30, 1855 NY

2. Samuel Edgecomb born May 29, 1794 Groton, New London, CT died January26, 1819 New London, CT

3. Sarah B. Edgecomb born Ja.7, 1796 Groton, New London, C died Feb. 18, 1864 She married Daniel Knowles born October 8, 1794.

4. Albert Edgecomb born Sept. 30, 1797 Groton, New London, CT died July 7, 1874

5. Harriet Edgecomb born March 16, 1800 Groton, New London, CT died March 9, 1837 New London, CT She married Sanford Morgan born Nov. 11, 1798 Groton, New London, CT

6. Daniel D. Edgecomb born Jan. 2, 1802 died ugust 17, 1888 Groton, CT died January 27, 1887 Groton, CT

7. John Edgecomb born Aug. 26, 1803 Groton, CT died Nov. 24, 1878 Mystic, CT maried Abyy Gatesborn about 1806

The children of John Edgecomb and Abby Gates were:

a. Samuel E. Edgecomb born May 16, 1830 Groton, CT He married Elizabeth Mary Gallup bor Sept. 9, 1842 W. Springfield, MA and died August 1910.

The children of Samuel E. Edgecomb and Elizabeth Mary Gallup were:

a. Martha Gates Edgecomb born Oct. 25 1868 died Feb. 11, 1948 She married Alden Fish born Apri 8, 1870 Mystic, CT died Nov. 7, 1958

The children of Martha Gates Edgecomb and Alden Fisher were:

a. Gerald Fish born Feb. 16, 1909 died Dec. 1, 2001 CT He married Agnes Williams Lathrop born August 6, 1908 She ied 1996

The children of Gerald ish and Agnes Wlliams Lathrop were:

Living Robinson

William "Billy" Fish


iii. Elizabeth  Copp born Nov. 11, 1768 New London, CT died September 2, 1798 New London CT. She married Benjamin Hempstead, June 10, 1779. He was born May 8, 1753 and died Sept. 2, 1798 New London, CT. Elizabeth also married William Harris born 1757 in 1808.

The children of Elizabeth Copp and Benjamin Hempstead were:

1. Elizabeth Betsy Hempstead born June 17, 1780 New London, CT died September 10, 1845, Albany, Albany City, NY. She married David Holt who was born May 30, 1779 New London, CT and died January 8, 1853 Janesville, WI.

The children of Elizabeth Betsy Hempstead and David Holt were:

a. David Holt born Feb. 14, 1803 Hudson, NY dided aftr 182, Janesville, WI. He married Ann Lemon born Feb. 15, 1805 Hudson, NY died after 1862, Janesville, WI

b. William Holt born Apr. 20, 1805 Herkimer, NY died Dec. 6, 1830 Herkimer, NY Unmarried

c. Benjamin Holt born Sept. 24, 1807 Herkime NY, died Dec. 24, 1807 Herkimer, NY

d. Eliza Holt born June 19, 1809 Herkimer, NY married Charles Hempstead Holt born April 2, 1812 Herkimer, NY died April 1, 1813

e. Mary Holt born May 28, 1814 Herkimer NY married Homer Hobbs 1814

f. Benjamin Holt born Mar. 15, 1817 Hudson, NY married Lois Ann Barber born 1819

g. Charles Holt born March 15, 1817 married Ellen Field born 1822

h. Daniel Morse Holt born June 6, 1819 Herkimer, NY died after 1862 Newport NY. He married Euphrasia S. Parkhurts born 1821 Wisconsin

i. Anna Hot born Dec. 6, 1822 Herkimer, NY married Daniel S. Durrie born 1819 NY

j. Harriet Hill Holt born Feb. 20, 1826 Herkimer, NY died April 29, 1851, Milwaukee, WI. Shemarried George F. Isley born 1822


2. Benjamin Hempstead born May 8, 1783 New London, CT married Jerusha Morgan about 1805. She was born about 1785 Groton New London, CT died Spet. 16, 1807. He also married Elizabeth Grange after 1805. She was born about 1875.


3. Charles Turner Hempstead born Sept. 18, 1785 New London, CT died Feb. 20, 1855. He married Margaret Miller born Jul 23,178 died april 1, 1873.

The children of Charles Turner Hempstead and Margaret Miller were:

a. Frances H. Hempstead born Sept. 5, 1810 New London, CT who married William A. Rumsay born about 1807

b. Elizabeth Hempstead bon November 15, 1813 New London, CT who married Jeremiah Maoney born about 1810 in 1833. She also married William sisson born about 1811 after 1833.

c. Charles Hempstead born March 1, 1817 New London, CT died Jan. 26, 1863 married Mary Champlin about 1840. She was born about 1820.

d. William S. Hempstead born Jan. 22, 1821 New London, CT married Elizabeth Hempstead about 1845. She was bor about 1825 He also married Catherine Harris after 1846 She was born about 1828


4. Nancy Hempstead born September 18, 1789 New London, CT and did March 28, 1835. She married Robert  Holt born Jan. 28, 1782 and died March 2, 1838 New London, CT

The childrn of Nancy Hempstead and Robert Holt were:

a Robert Holt born July 21, 1816 and died June 2, 1853 New London, CT He married NancyRenouf born 1819 CT and died 1871

The children of Robert Holt and Nacy Renouf were:

a. Henry Peter Holt brn June 12, 1840 married to Ella

Children of Henry Peter Holt and Ella were:

a. Felix Renouf Holt born Jue 24, 189 Washington, DC ho married Eleanor J. Granger born Spt. 10, 1887 Passiac, NJ

The children of Felix Renouf Holt and Eleanor J. Granger were:

a. Robert Holt born 1910 Puerto Rico

b. Heny R. Holt born 1912 Washington, D.C.

c. Paul DeCoursey Holt born Jan. 19, 1919, Norfolk, VA


5. Henry Hempstead born April 26, 1788 New London, CT diedFeb. , 1883 married Nancy Barber August 7, 180. She was born August 17, 1790, CT an died August 13, 1873.

The children of Henry Hempstead and Nancy Barber were:

a. Henry Prentis Hempstead born July 2, 1809 New London, CT died March 6, 1874 He married Lucy Kearney on Sept. 3, 1845. She was born about 1820.

b. Nancy Hempstead born Aug 3, 1811 married Henry Coit born 1808 on May 16, 1830.

The children of Nancy Hempstead and Henry Coit were:

a. Martha Ann Coit born August 8, 1831 who married Henry Pember born 1827

b. Nancy Barber Coit born April 30, 1836 who married D. Wright born 1832

c. Charlotte R. Coit born Spet. 24, 1838

d. Harriet Elizabeth Coit born June 16, 1841 died Feb. 27, 1877 New London, CT.\

c. Benjamin Barber Hempstead born Aug. 29, 1813 New London CT died May 1, 1887

d. John Prentis Hempsteadborn Oct. 21, 1815 died Mary 25, 162. He married Abby A. Green June 18, 1844 born 1824. He also married Harriet Laymon after 1844. she was born 1825.

e. Dennison Hempstead born Oct. 3, 1817 New London, CT  Died Jan. 4, 1895 He.married Frances Chapel born 1824 on July 18, 1844.

f. Harriet Hempstead born Jan. 19, 1820 New London CT died June 16, 1900 marred Daniel Lee born 1817 on Feb. 29, 1852

g. Elias Hempsead born Dec. 1, 1823 New London, CT married Ellen Destin born 1826 He died May 25, 1884. They married on Oct. 1, 1857.

h Coit Hempsted born Mar. 20, 1827 New London, CT died June 10, 1831

i. Wolcott Hempstead born June 20, 1832 New London, CT died June 23, 1832

j. George Washington Hempstead born Jan. 5, 835 and died March 8, 1875.

6. Harriet Hempstead born April 8, 1790  Married Joseph Hill born 1787

7. Lydia Hempstead born March 25, 1794 died August 15, 1876 She married Luther Plumb born 1778 died 1831.

The children of Lydia Hempstead and Luther Plumb were:

a. Mary Elizabath Plumb born June 10, 1815 Stockbridge, MA  die 1897 married Levi Willard 1812

The children of Mary Elizabeth Plumb and Levi Willard were:

a. William M. Willard born 1844 MA and married Kitty Dorlon born 1846

The chldren of William M. Willard nd Kitty Dorlon were:

a. Grace Willard born 1868

b. Mary E. Willard born 1870

b. Sarah Plumb W. Willard born 1849 and married Austin Goddard gorham born 1848

The children of Sarah Plumb W. Willard and Austin Goddard Gorham were:

a. Grace Gorham born about 1871

b. Harriet Plumb born 1818 Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA married Erastus Burghardt born 1815

The children of Harriet Plumb and Erastus Burghardt were: 

a. John H. Burghardt born 1841 MA who married Abby Curtis 1844.

b. Charles Plumb Burghardt brn 1846 MA married Alce Virgnal Palmer born 1847

c. Edward H. Burghardt born 1849 MA married Emma Faircild born 1851

d. Frances E. Burghardt born 1852 MA

e. Mary E. Gurghardt born 1854 married John F. Bailey born 1852

f. Wallace W. Burghardt born 1856 married Lucy Maria Palmer 1853

c. Henry Luther Plumb born Feb. 28, 1820 Stockbridge , Berkshire Co., MA died Jan. 18, 1894 MA married Fances Seymour born 1824

The children of Henry Luther Plumb and Frances Seymour were:

a. Arthur Willard Plumb born March18, 1853 Berkshire, MA married Nellie Duprey born 1875 died after 1902

The childen of Arthur Willard Plumb ad Nellie Duprey were:

Frances Josette Plumb

b. Harry Seymour Plumb born 1862 Berkshire Co. MA married Ada L. Shepardson born 1864

The children of Harry Seymour Plumb and Ada L. Shepardson were:

a. Ivan S. Plumb

b. Frances P. Plumb born 1891

c. Arthur W. Plumb born 1893

d. Oscar R. Plumb born 1897

Henry also married Sarah Stuart born 1824 died Mar. 24, 1848 on Oct. 2, 1845

The child fo Henry and Sarah Stuart was:

Charles Stuart Plumb born Feb. 18, 1847. He married Esther Webster born 1850

The children of Charles Stuart Plumb and Esther Webster were:

a. Henry Webster Plumb born 1874

b. Sarah H.I. Plumb brn 1882

d. William Hempstead Plumb born Jan. 11, 1822 died 1894

e. Jerome Bonaparte Plumb born 1826 died dune 9, 1861

f. Charles Hempstead Plum born 1828 died 1900 married Mert Heaton born 1835

g. Frances Ellen Plumb born 1831 died May 12, 1864

8. Dennison Hempstead born March 1798

iv. Daniel Copp born August 4, 1770, Stonington, New London, CT and died January 10, 1822 St. Augustine, FL married Sarah Allyn born 1774 Groton, New London, CT died, Jan. 6, 1836, Ledyard Ctr. New London. CT.

Children of Daniel Copp and Sarah Allyn are:

A. Belton Allyn Copp born May 22, 1796, Groton, NewLondon, CT. maried Betsey Ann Barber born 1813 their children were 


a. Ellen Barber Copp born July 20, 1834 and died Apil 4, 1916. She married Christopher L. Avery born in Groton Banks, New London Co., CT. Born June 8, 1826 Groton, New London Co., CT. He died Jan. 1, 1904 in Groton, New London Co., CT.

Their children were:

Ira S. Avery born July 15, 1858 Groton, New London, CT

Betsey Wood Avery born Oct. 15, 1878 Groton, New London, CT

Christopher L. Avery born June 8, 1826, Groton, New London, CT died Jan. 1, 1904 Groton, New London, CT

Mary Jane Avery orn August 16, 1875, Groton, New London, CT death unknown 


b.Sarah Maria Copp born May 29, 1836 Groton, New London, CT died March 20, 1915 Groton, New London, Ct. She married Frank Larabee born Sept. 10, 1834 and died April 3, 1918 Groton, New London, CT.

They had the following children:

i.Rachel Larrabee born June20, 1863 Clayton, Iowa Died Oct. 30, 1955

i.i.Kate Larrabee born Nov. 17, 1865 In Clayton, Iowa died May 11, 1883 Groton, New London,  CT

iii.Betsy Barber Larabee born 1873 McGregor, Clayton, Iowa died Dec. 17, 1952


c. Daniel Rogers Copp born March 4, 1838 Groton, New London, CT died July 12, 1921


d. John Joseph Copp born June 28, 1840 Groton New London, CT died Feb. 2, 914 Groton, New London CT. He married Ellen Chester born Dec. 0, 1842 Groton, CT, Died Jan. 20, 1912 Groton, CT


e. Catherine Burdick Copp born August 27, 1842, Groton, CT died June 16, 1932 Groton, CT


f. George Denison Copp born Nov. 27, 1845 and died Jan. 26, 1853 Groton, CT


g. Julia Stanton Copp born August 13 1848 and died June 22, 1939 Groton, CT


h. William Copp born Feb. 2, 1851 New London, CT death unknown


i. Belton Allyn Copp born Jan. 1854, New London, CT died Jan. 20, 1930 Groton, New London, CT. He married Betsey Wood Avery born May 7, 1860, Buffalo, Erie, NY died Aug. 6, 1930, Groton, New London, CT.Their children were:

i. Belton Allyn Copp born Sept.21, 1883, Groton, New London, CT Death unknown he married Doris Larimore Evans who died before 1919 Their daughter was:

1) Barbara Allyn Copp married Conrad Wilson born about 1911 death unknown.

    Their children are Alexander Wilson and Christopher Wilson

2nd Spouse of Belton Allyn copp is Elizabeth Thoenning birth and death unknown. children:

                             Belton Allyn Copp who married Eugenia Crosby Tyler their children are

                             Belton Allyn Copp

                             Betsy Avery Copp

                             Eugenia Crosby T. Copp

                             Lucy Audobon Copp

                             Eugenia Crosby Copp born Dec. 1953-1954


                             Betsy Avery Copp (Barber) born Nov. 27, 1894 and died Sept. 9, 1894


                             Daniel Noyes Copp born march 4, 1838, died July 12, 1921


ii. Emily  Avery Copp born Feb. 7, 1888 Groton, New London, CT, died unknown date in  New London, CT married Warren B. Burrows born Sept. 14, 1877 Groton, New London, CT  died Sept. 16, 1952. Their children are:

1) Belton Allyn Burrows

2) Warren Avery Burrows

3)  Warren Avery Burrows born Aptil 11, 1919 New London, CT died April 21, 191 New London, CT

4. Calvin Burrows born Feb. 5, 1924 and died June 13, 1944 Normandy


iii. Joseph  Addison Copp born Dec. 27, 189 Groton, New London, CT death unknown


B. Daniel Denison Copp born July 8, 1798 in Groton, New London, CT and died March 13, 1859 in Savannah, Chatham, Ga. He married Eunice Waldo born Dec. 3, 1802 in Ellington, Tolland, CT. and died Feb. 27, 1883. Savannah, GA.


They had a daughter Louisa Waldo Copp born 1848 in Groton, New London, CT and died March 25, 1876 in Georgia.  She married Alexis Mculty. 3. Sarah Maria Copp born June 2, 1801 Groton New London, CT died July 30, 1868.

Their children include:

Aaron Wilbur McNulty orn Nov. 6, 1869 Savannah, GA died Dec. 29, 1934 Califonia. Married Jincy S. Grant brn Jan. 29, 1877, CA died Feb. 26. 1965 Mendocino, Ca

Their children include:

Jurzah Louise McNulty born march 10, 1907 San Francisco, CA died Mach 6, 1984 Sonoma, CA. She married James Suvain Crawford born June 13, 1903 Salem, OR and died Jan.10, 1970 in Ukiah CA.

Their children include:

Phyllis Louise Crawford born March 16, 1931 Mendocino, Ca and died April 21, 1983. She married Loyd Middestadt.

James Wilber Crawford born Sept. 22, 193 in Ukiah, Mendicino, CA and died August 21, 1996, Portland, Multnhoma, OR. He married Betty June Jones born Jan. 10, 1938 Arkansas and died Oct. 4, 1999 Bend, OR. They have living children Gibbons,Gibbons, Crawford

and Thelma J. Randen born July17, 1961 CA died Dec. 1, 1983 in OR. She married Les Hindman.


C. Sarah Maria Copp  born June 2, 1801, Groton, New London, CT died July 30, 1868.



D. Joseph Addison Copp born 1804 Groton, New London, CT. died Nov. 7, 1869. He married Phedora Isham born about 1825, died Sept. 5, 1900.


Children of Joseph Addison Copp and Phedora Isham were:


Laura Copp born 1847 New London, CT,

Lucretia Copp born 1859 New London, CT. married F.W. Edgar born 1846.


Children of Lucretia Copp and F.W. Edgar are:


 Fedora Edgar born 1880 Easter, Clarion, PA 

 Harry Edgar born 1882.


E.  Mary Elizabeth Copp born about 1809 Groton, New London, CT. Died April 10, 1870. She married Hezekiah Meech born 1801 in CT. Died May 1884. 


Their children were:


Sarah Meech Born Dec. 20, 1833 New London, CT

Maria Meech Born March 14, 1835 New London, CT died 1880

Mary E. Meech Born March 6, 1843 New London, CT


F. William Copp born 1811 Groton, New London, CT Died Dec. 15, 1889. He married Charlotte Lindsay born 1818.


Their children were:


Maria Copp born 1840 died after 1902

Joseph Copp born 1842 New London,CT

Benjamin Copp born about 1845 New London, CT

Alice Copp born about 1848 New London, CT


G. Eliza Copp born 1813 Groton, New London, CT died June 1889 married Shubael Meech born 1810


their chldren were:


Charles Meech born about 1835 New London, CT

Eliza Meech born about 1838 New London, CT


H. George Fleming Copp born 1819 Groton, New London Co., CT.



v. Catherine Copp born October 7  1772 Groton, New London, CTdied July 7, 1822 Washington, MA married Jasper Avery born about 1774 Groton, CT died Mar. 1800 at sea.

The children of Catherin Copp and Jasper Avery were:

a. Frederick Avery born Dec. 23, 1796 Groton, New London, CT died June 13, 1878 married Lydia M. Chamberlain born Feb. 22, 1799 died July 21, 1888.

b. Charlotte E. Avery born Apr. 1, 1798 Groton, CT ied Feb. 23, 1829 Washington, Berkshire , MA

3. Jasper Avery bor June 1800 Groton, New London, Ct died 1810 Groton, New London, CT

2nd spouse of Catherine Copp was Jasper Morganafter 1800

Their son was Edwin D.Morgan born Feb. 8, 1811 Washington, MA

vi Margaret Copp  born July. 13, 1773 "Peggy"

vii. Jonathan  Shipley Copp  born Feb. 13,  1778, Stonington, CT married Dorthea Bailey

Children of Jonathan Shipley Copp and Dorthea Bailey were:

a. Samuel Copp born about 1802 and died 1896 Michigan. He  married Mary Sparling born 1836 in tipperary Ireland. Died 195 in Hoquiam, WA.

Children of Samuel Copp and Mary Sparling were:

Mary Copp born 1828 England and died Jan 23, 1902 She married Samuel Williamson born about 1824 England

Children of Mary Copp and Samuel Williamson were:

a. Sarah Copp Williamson born about 1845 in Pottowattomie, Iowas

b. Joseph Williamson born May 8, 1847 Died Dec. 14, 1915 Utah. He married Poly Jane Koyle born march 1, 1861 San Bernadino, CA died Spet. 29, 1937 Provo, UT

Children of Joseph Williamson and Poly Jane Koyle were:

a. Mary Williamson born June 3, 1880 Springville, UT died Sept. 22, 1961 Salt Lake City, UT married Parley Bowering Clinger born Apr. 5, 1878 Provo, UT died May 3, 1957 Salt Lake City, U

Children of Mary Williamson and Parley Bowering Clinger were:

a. Adrian James Clinger born Feb. 18, 1918 Lakeview, UT did March 17, 005 Paradise Butte, CA. He married Barbara Jewel McCune born Apr. 29, 1921 Garield Salt Lake City, UT died Feb. 28, 2002 Marysville, Yaba, CA

Children of Adrian James Clinger and Barbara Jewel McCune were:

Living clinger

Diane Clinger who is married to Jim Westmoreland

Notes: There seems to be a Mary Cope (Copp)  born about 1827 showing parents as  Samuel Copp and Anne Tharme born Sept. 26, 1801 Stone Staffordshire, England died 1842 in Montrose, Iowa.It shows Mary  married Leonard Williams

c. John Copp born about 1830 or 1829

d. Ann Copeorn march 9, 1831

e. David Copp born about 1833

x. Ebenezer5 Copp (Jonathon 4, Jonathan3, David2, William 1) was born March 3, 1746/47, in Stonington, CT. he married Deborah Spaulding born Sept. 5, 1773.

Children of Ebenezer Copp and Deborah Spaulding is

i. Jonathan 6 Copp born about 1775 in Rhode Island; died after 1850 in Minnesota.

Generation No. 6

Samuel Copp (Jonathon, Samuel, Jonathan, David, William, William)  married 1st Anna Bennett who dies June 28, 1838 in parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert co., New Brunswich 1838. 2nd marriage to mrs. Hannah Burton (Steeves) 1838. Anna Bennett and Samuel Copp had the following children:

Obediah (Capt.) Copp  born September 12, 1810 in Parhish of Harvey Waterside, Albert co. New Brunswick, Canada.

David Oliver Copp  born about 1813 in Parish of Harvey Waterside, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada

Chandler Copp  born October 10, 1814 in Parhsi of Harvey, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Ruxby A. Copp  born About 1816 in Parish of Harvey, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Delilah Copp  born February 7, 1819 in Parish of Harvey, Wateside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Samuel William (Capt.) Copp  born 1822 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

 Daniel (Capt.) Copp  born January 3, 1824 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada

Edwin Copp  born September 2, 1826 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Rebecca Copp  born about 1829 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co. New Brunswick, Canada

Sarah Lavinia Copp  born about 1832 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

 Emma Lavinia Copp  born about 1834 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Pauline Copp  born June 24, 1836 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Mary Elmira Copp born March 1, 1838 in Parish of Harvey, Waterside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada

Nancy (Ann) Copp born about 1784, Married ca 1803 to Henry Hayward, remarried CA 1809/10 John Keillor

Chandler Copp born Cal 1785 in Hopewell, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada, unmarried

Daniel Copp born Cal 1786 Hopewell, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada died before 1851. He married Rebecca Bennett; no children

Jonathan 6 Copp (Ebenezer5, Jonathon 4, Jonathan3, David2, William 1) was born about 1775 in Rhode Island, and died after 1850. He married Sarah Clemmons 1801. She was born Abt. 1776 in Rhode Island, and died after 1850.

Children of Jonathan Copp and Sarah Clemens are:

i. Hannah 7 Copp

ii. Lois Copp

iii. Sarah Rebecca Copp

iv. John Copp

v. James Copp born about 1706, Rhode Island, died about 1860 Pennsylvania

vi. Richard Copp born about 1801, Rhode Island

vii. Luthania Copp born 1804 New York

viii Lucy Copp born about 1809 Massachusetts

ix. Lorenzo Dow Copp born about 1812, New York

x. William Copp born about 1817 New York

xi. Reuben Copp born about 1820 Pennsylvania

xii. Harrison Copp born about 1824 Pennsylvania

Generation No. 7

ii. Lois Copp (Johnathan6, Ebenezer5, Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2,William1)

2. Sarah Rebecca Copp (Johnathan6, Ebenezer5,Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) born March 19, 1814 in Connecticut. She died April 10, 1891, Lakeview, Utah and is buried in Provo  City Cemetery, provo, Utah Grave Location: Block 2, Lot 39. She married Thomas Norton King and they had the following children:

i. Horace David Andrew Jackson King born 1832

ii. Leander Henry  King born 1837

iii. Issac Vanfleet King born 1840

iv. Delinda King born 1842

v.  Clinton King born 1851

vi. Thomas Norton King, Jr. born 1852

vii. James Wesley King born 1853

viii Sarah King

James 7 Copp (Johnathan 6, Ebenezer5, Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) was born about 1796 in Rhode Island and died about 1860 in Pennsylvania. He married Amanda. She as born 1801 in Pennsylvania.

Children of James Copp and Amanda are:

i. Ann V. 8 Copp born 1836 PA

ii. Harriett Copp born 1838 PA

iii. Laura Copp born about 1840 PA

iv. Olive Copp born about 1841 PA

v. Jane Copp bon about 1843 PA

vi. Diana Copp born about 1845 PA

vii. D.H. Copp born about 1847 PA

viii. Hester Copp born about 1849 PA

ix. James Copp, Jr. born about 1850 PA

15. Richard Copp was born about 1801 Rhode Island. He married Eliza. She as born 1803 CT.

Children of Richard Copp and Eliza are:

i. William B. 8 Copp born about 1831 PA

ii. Rhodamy Copp born about 1833 PA

iii. Jane Copp, born about 1840, PA

16. Luthania 7 Copp (Jonathan 6, ebenezer5, Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William 1)

was born about 1804 in New York. She married Alanson Clemens. He was born about 1802 in New York.

Children of Luthania Copp and Alanson Clemens are:

i. Thomas 8 Clemens born about 1832 PA

ii. Cassia Clemens born about 1833 PA

iii. Howland Clemens born about 1834 PA

iv. George Clemens born about 1835 PA

v.  David Clemens born about 1836 PA

vi. Lowman Clemens born about 1840 PA

vii. William Clemens born about 1844 PA

17. Lucy 7 Copp (Jonathan6, Ebenezer5, Jonathon5, Jonathan4, David2, William1) was born about 1809 in Massachusetts. She married Curtis Cole. He was born about 1809 in Connecticut.

Children of Lucy Copp and Curtis Cole are:

i. Martha 8 Cole born about 1834 Canada

ii. Mellissa Cole born about 1836 PA

iii. Rebecca Cole born about 1838 PA

iv. Durka Cole born about 1842 Illinois

v. Sarah Cole born about 1844 Illinois

18. Lorenzo Dow 7 Copp (Jonathan6, Ebenezer5, Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) was born about 1812 in New York. He married Eliza. she was born 1816 in New Hamphire.

Children of Lorenzo Copp and Eliza are:

i. John 8 Copp born about 1834 NY

ii. W.W. Copp born about 1835 NY

iii.A.V. Copp born about 1836 PA

iv. Charles M. Copp born about 1838 PA

v.  Henry H. Copp born about 1840 NY

vi. Charles S. Copp born about 1844 PA

vii. Milton D. Copp born about 1845 PA

viii. Martha E. Copp born about 1846 PA

ix. Calvin L. Copp born about 1848 NY

x. Allen B. Copp born about 1850 NY

xi. Willis Copp born about 1850 PA

xii. Ellis Copp born about 1852 PA

xiii Marin Copp born about 1854 PA

19. William 7 Copp (Jonathan6, Ebenezer5, Jonthon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) was born about 1817 in Catharine, NY. William died about 1860 in Covington, Tioga, PA.

 He married Lucy A. Marvin. She was born 1820 in Covington, Tioga, PA and died about 1875 in PA

Children of William and Lucy were:

i. Josephine Copp .8  Copp born December 10, 1847 in Covington, Tioga PA and died between 1911-1920 in NY

She married Joseph Whitfield in 1866. He was born 1841 in England and died 1900 in NY. 

Josephine and Joseph Whitfield had 4 children of whom 3 sons survived.

ii. P.J. Copp born 1847, PA

iii. Edgar Randolf Copp born November 1849 in Covington, Tioga, PA and died July 18, 1925 Nelson, Tioga, PA and is buried in the Nelson Cemetery. Edgar married Kate Plaisted in 1876. She was born August 1858 in PA and died Oct. 26, 1935 or 1937. 

Children of Edgar and Kate were:

a. Lucia M. Copp bor Oct. 5, 1886 in Nelson, PA and died Jan. 1985 in Elkland, PA. Lucia married Lee Jay Beard born Mar. 15, 1885 Addison, NY and died April 1963 in PA. Lucia and Lee had two daughters.

b. William Sumner Copp born June 24, 1891 and died August 1964. William Sumner married Marian Roper born 1896.

William and Marian had 2 sons and 4 daughters.

iv. Sumner M. Copp born July 23, 1850 Covington, PA and died August 6, 1910 Wellsboro, PA. Sumner married Theresa Coons born. Oct. 1858 and died March 1907. 

Children of Sumner and Theresa were Ruth Copp born 1890

v. Tilly S. Copp born July 18, 1854 Covington, PA and died February 7, 1941 Corning, Steuben, NY. Tilly married Sarah Elizabeth Robbins born December 1858 Lawrenceville, PA and died January 28, 1934 Corning, Steuben, NY. Children of Tilly and Sarah were:

a. Irene Copp born August 1879 in PA she married Leland S. Dartt born 1863 and died 1930. She had 2 sons with Leland. She also married a Mr.Robinson.

b. Eva M. Copp born July 1882 Wellsboro, PA. She married Jeremiah C. "Jerrry" Darling b. 1866 and d. 1920. She also married George Wilcox.

c. Leon Herold Copp born Oct. 21, 1885 Wellsboro, PA and died in Indiana. He served during WWI enlisted September 12, 1918. He married Nellie May Robbins born 1885

Leon and Nellie had sons:

1. Marvin W. Copp born June 19, 1913 Corning, NY and died February 1987

2. Franklin H. Copp born October 21, 1915 Corning, NY and died May 1992 in Falls Church, VA

Franklin enlisted during WW II July 13, 1942

d. Ethelyn "Ethel" Copp born May 1891 Wellsboro, PA

e. Stanley McKinley Copp born Sept. 25, 1895 Wellsoboro, PA and died Jan. 1943 Ft. Wayne, Allen, Indiana. He married Lenora b. 1900

20. Reuben 7 Copp (Jonathan6, Ebenezer5, Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) was born about 1820 in PA. He married Jane Grey. She was born 1826 in PA.

Children of Reuben Copp and Jane Grey are:

i. Francis M.8 Copp born 1843 PA married Polly Robinson born about 1851 PA

ii. LaFayette Copp born 1845 PA

iii. Rebecca Copp born 1850 PA

21. Harrison 7 Copp (Jonathan6, Ebenezer5,Jonathon4, Jonathan3, David2, William1) was born about 1824 in PA. He married Louisa Boothe. She was born 1831 in PA

Children of Harrison Copp and Lousia Boothe are:

i. Orrin L. 8 Copp born 1850 Covington twp., PA

ii. Frederick P. Copp born Oct. 7, 1854, Covintington twp, PA

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